Limited Edition Products, Lasting Skin Satisfaction: Introducing Apoterra Laboratory

One thing I enjoy about following small beauty and skincare brands that I trust and enjoy, is seeing how products and brands develop over time. It’s always exciting to see beloved products get better formulations or more unique packaging, or even brands developing upon their mission and offerings. Such is the case with the evolution of Apoterra Skincare, a brand I’ve been a loyal fan of for their thoughtful product formulations, beautiful packaging, and transparent communications. 

Apoterra recently launched, Apoterra Laboratory, a special project inspired by brand founder, Dominique Caron’s constant tinkering, creating, and experimenting in the product formulation lab. Dominique wanted to share all the new products she cooks up more quickly and more often with customers, while shedding a more personal light on the creative journey behind Apoterra products. [Check out my interview with Dominique (back when the brand was called Caru Skincare) and past Apoterra reviews.]

Photo courtesy of Apoterra Skincare

That’s where the Lab comes in: Apoterra will be periodically releasing limited edition products—fresh out of the lab, in small batches of 25 to 100. These specially-made products will be available exclusively on the Apoterra website and each Lab release will only be available while supplies last.

The Lab products add another dimension of personal touch and interesting backstory that is only possible from a small-batch, clean beauty brand like Apoterra. Not only do you feel an even stronger connection to the products you are using, but also a direct connection to the person who formulated and crafted the products for you. One feature about Apoterra products I’ve always loved is the product batch tracking system. Apoterra products are labeled with batch numbers, search your products’ batch numbers on the website, and get more details about when your products were made and the ingredient origins.

The first Apoterra Lab product released was the Tulsi + White Rose Face Mist* and it sold-out accordingly fast. I was lucky enough to be able to try this coveted Face Mist and much like other Apoterra products, the formulation was quite unique. The hydrosols for this mist were sourced from an American distiller and farmer that sources only locally grown, organic or wildcrafted plants.

Sweet and floral, refreshing and hydrating, the Tulsi + White Rose Face Mist is an expertly crafted facial product full of unique organic and wildcrafted ingredients that not only feed the senses, but nourish skin. Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase Face Mist (though who’s to say we can’t convince Dominique to bring it back,) but it seems like there are tons of tantalizing new Lab releases to come.

Photo courtesy of Apoterra Skincare

The latest limited edition Lab release is the Rose + Violet Leaf Body Butter, now available while supplies last on the Apoterra website. From the looks of it, it also sounds like another beautifully unique product, with a thoughtfully curated ingredient list and formulation process: We sun infused lightweight, yet highly nourishing sunflower oil with rose petals and violet leaves. Rose petals impart the most amazing aroma to the oil, while also infusing anti-aging properties.  Violet leaf works wonders for offering relief to dry, itchy skin, and assists the skin in healing itself.  This infused oil was then whipped with rich, exotic butters like cupuacu, kokum, and shea  to create to most lovely, pink tinted, rose petal scented cloud of buttery goodness.  

In a world where we often don’t take time to be thoughtful, and appreciate the things we consume and how they are crafted, Apoterra’s Lab products are another window into thinking, feeling, and promoting consciously-made products and continuing to tell stories with a transparent lens.

I’ve also recently fallen in love with Apoterra’s Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud with Rosehip + Açaí*; a cross between a facial scrub, mask, and cleanser—summed up in a lovely, muddy texture that is reminiscent of a mud mask, a very pleasant and fragrant-scented mud mask that is. This mask is full of natural, nutrient-rich honey, flower, and berry ingredients such as hibiscus, açaí, rosehip, and honey—contributing to a gentle exfoliating formula that also soothes, hydrates, fights off bacteria, and nourishes skin. Tiny oat grains and flower petals make this a unique, if not, beautifully sensory experience with every use.

It’s a bit messy to use as a quick facial cleanser (or, as per usual, I am just impatient and too klutzy to use it this way,) so I prefer using the Exfoliating Mud most often as an exfoliator or mask. In my opinion, I also think think that due to the viscous, grainy formula, the Exfoliating Mud is a bit difficult to gritty and difficult to apply to my liking to use as a cleanser. But as an exfoliator and mask, it is lovely.

The formula does not dry very hard on the skin nor does it irritate skin. Once washed off, it reveals extremely smooth, radiant skin. Besides from this being a fantastic, quick acting multi-tasker, I also like that the Exfoliating Mud is a creamier facial mask as opposed to a dry, loose powder mask. It’s gentle, easy-to-apply, and is very soothing.

Lastly, if you’ve never tried Apoterra’s handmade organic soap bars, they are products that should not be overlooked. Using an Apoterra Complexion Soap is a true treat, not only for your senses but also for your skin. I can never get enough of how nourishing and hydrating these soap bars are, nor the unique, skin-benefitting ingredients. They are also pleasingly effective to use as a facial cleanser. Plus, you definitely get a nice amount of soap, especially for the price. My personal favorites are the Pumpkin + Wild Carrot and the Lavender + Green Clay.

Apoterra Skincare is a brand that continues to amaze me with their consistently effective skincare formulations and innovative transparency measures. This is a beautiful, thoughtful brand to keep your eyes on.

Have you tried anything from the Apoterra Laboratory? What are your favorite Apoterra products?

*Products kindly provided for my consideration however, all words and options are my own. This post contains some affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more details about sponsored posts.

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