Beauty Chat: Shashi Batra, Founder of Credo Beauty


Credo Beauty is a brand new online green beauty store featuring an exceptional collection of beauty and skincare products from artisan brands. Through a beautiful and carefully curated storefront, Credo’s aim is to change the way consumers perceive ingredients, products and health. In addition to it’s new online space, Credo Beauty will also be opening up a brick & mortar store in San Francisco that will feature both retail and spa elements in April 2015. I love the clean, bright aspect of Credo Beauty’s online store, the great variety of brands, and the transparency provided for every brand and product offered. These “Maker Videos” really personalize the shopping experience by helping you get to know brand founders and missions better.

Shashi Batra is Credo Beauty’s president and founder as well as a veteran in the beauty and fashion industry, notably as a founding member of the Sephora USA team. Shashi created Credo with a strict standard for products— all products offered at Credo must be free of harmful toxins in the form of artificial preservatives and synthetic fragrance, they must be effective in formulation, and they must be attractive in design and packaging.

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Petite Yet Powerful: Kahina Giving Beauty Lip & Face Balm


Aptly released as the temperatures started to plummet here on the East Coast,  Kahina Giving Beauty’s new Lip and Face Balm is anything but your average lip balm. Continuing with the brand’s highlighted ingredient: certified organic Moroccan argan oil sourced from Kahina’s women’s co-op in Morocco, the Lip and Face Balm also highlights some other exotic, skin-benefiting ingredients. such as immortelle, sea buckthorn, blue tansy, calendula, and carrot seed oil. Not only does the  Lip and Face Balm promise to soothe and protect chapped lips, it also serves as a luxurious moisturizing salve for dry skin.

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Back to Basics with Province Apothecary


There’s something to be said about simple skincare products with high-quality, no-fuss formulations. I find myself more drawn to organic and natural products without fancy promises or death-defying qualities, rather I feel as though the products I’m loving now are ones that bring me back to the basics of effective skincare. Province Apothecary is an organic skincare company based in Toronto known for their sought-after handmade products devoted to organic, wildcrafted ingredients.  

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A True Work of Art: Nūdus Lip Euphoria

Nūdus lipsticks are a true work of art. From the elegant and sleek white packaging, standout certified organic formulas and colors, to the simplistic, artful packaging details, these lipsticks are unique natural lipstick gems. As a certifiable lipstick addict, I was more than ecstatic to give these buzz-worthy lipsticks from Down Under a try.

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Smell Beautiful, Save a Life: Pour le Monde Perfumes


I’ve been on quite a natural fragrance kick this year and have discovered some products that really put my beloved toxic scents to shame. What is better than a gorgeously designed, beautifully-smelling, all-natural perfume? One that also gives back. Pour le Monde which means “For the World” in French, creates 100% natural, luxurious fragrances and each perfume benefits a special charity. 

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taking a look back, to take a step forward

i feel as though life lately has been one huge “fast forward” and even though the day-to-day mundane can get me down sometimes, more often i find myself taking moments to appreciate the past year and really being thankful. this year has been crazy, enlightening, stressful, good, not-so-good.

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New Releases Radar \\ 6

New Releases Radar 6

I purposely skipped out on listing new releases during November and December, there were just way too many things coming out for the Holidays. Like me, I’m sure there were many new products that caught your eye during the last few months. This might be a bit of a long post, here are some new releases I’m curious about:

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Green Beauty Swap With The Life Cake


During the Christmas holiday season, Ria from Naturia Beauty organizes a lovely international green beauty swap. I was very excited to join in this year and was paired with UK blogger, Kate from The Life Cake. We talked about our beauty/skincare likes and dislikes, the brands we were interested in trying, and a bit about ourselves. It was great chatting with Kate and nice to see how much we had in common. Without further ado, here’s what Kate sent me (in a super cute sparkly pink box):

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