Lotus Wei Flowerevolution: Transformation Through the Power of Flowers

Trusting in the power of nature is an age-old practice, but still so relevant and necessary in today’s world. While many people find respite in the great outdoors, there are plenty of smaller steps to incorporate nature’s holistic healing into your life, wherever you may be and at whatever time. Lotus Wei is one brand that has been at the forefront of utilizing the amazing and impressive power of nature, specifically in flowers, to create transformative, conscious change in one’s body, mind, and spirit through natural remedies.

I’ve always admired Lotus Wei’s founder, Katie Hess and her brilliant use and knowledge of natural “flower alchemy”. These thoughtfully-crafted remedies vary in the form of fragrances, edible elixirs, and body oils, yet they are all rooted in Katie’s expertise and copious study and observation (over 13 years) of the natural healing effects of flowers. 

My favorite aspect about Lotus Wei products is the idea that there is a flower for every mood and feeling. The collection of natural essences and remedies evoke the feelings or mood you want to experience: Joy Juice, Infinite Love, Radiant Energy, Inspired Action, Quiet Mind, Inner Peace.

Lotus Wei defines “flower alchemy” simply as, “another way of receiving the nourishing properties of plants— but instead of taking in oxygen, you’re taking in pure flower essences, suspended in water— liquid energy that transforms your mood + your mind through your acupuncture meridians.”


Katie has just written her first book, Flowerevolution, a beautiful and detailed resource describing the transformative power of flower elixirs. Through photos, reflections, rituals, recipes and projects, Flowerevolution dives deeper into the power of flower alchemy and how you can understand the language of flowers to inspire joy, sleep better, enhance confidence, uncover hidden talents, and accelerate personal growth. The book will be released on November 15 but you can get a sneak peek of the first two chapters HERE, plus snag some gorgeous digital flower wallpapers. Pre-order Flowerevolution to entered to win amazing prizes like a one-on-one consultation with Katie, personalized flower elixir transformation program and more!

When I started my green beauty journey, Lotus Wei was one of the first brands I tried for natural healing remedies. I’ve briefly written about my experiences using the brand’s remedies via serum, mist (my favorite), and perfume on the blog, all of which have been eye-opening additions to a more regular grounding of body and mood.


For the past few months, I have been using Lotus Wei’s Radiant Energy Flower Elixir and have experienced subtle transformations in my daily life. Lotus Wei asked me to choose a flower elixir by selecting a flower that I was most visually drawn to. I selected the pomegranate flower, one of the main flowers featured in the Radiant Energy elixir. The pomegranate flower activates strength, while it also detoxes and re-energizes. How perfect could this selection be following the most stressful time of my life?! Radiant Energy was definitely something I was lacking and a feeling I was aching for. After the stress of wedding planning and moving, I was in definite need of recharging my spirit and rediscovering my strength.


Here is the description for the Radiant Energy Flower Elixir: EXPERIENCE: Energy, vitality, protection, strength, powerful presence, immune system boost, recharge after air travel, computer use, x-rays. DISSOLVES: Fatigue due to computer & cell phone use or air travel; accumulation of energies that are not your own; vulnerability, whether physically or energetically; taking on others’ stress; feeling invisible, weak, or not clear about what you want.”

Flower elixirs are taken by the mouth, whether added to beverages (tea, coffee, cocktails, water, or anything you like) or under the tongue, and they must be taken consistently (5 drops every 5 times/day) for the best results. And in my opinion, all Lotus Wei Flower Elixirs taste just like a sweet drop of honey! (Ethically-sourced honey is another main ingredient in Lotus Wei’s elixirs.)


Initially, I was very diligent in consistently taking this elixir. I did not experience any dramatic changes when I started using Radiant Energy however, over time, I did experience subtle boosts in energy and clarity. This elixir was especially impactful when I returned from a two-week honeymoon in Italy and started up grad school classes again. Those were definitely instances where this flower elixir contributed to recalibrating my energy and helping me feel recharged and more spirited in returning to my regular routine.

Along with my regular exercise routine and healthier eating attempts, I noticed that Radiant Energy did contribute to subtle and steady changes in my mood and day-to-day feelings. As time went on, my use of Radiant Energy became less consistent (life can get in the way,) but for the times when I know I truly feel like I need something to kickstart the process of revitalization, I turn to this flower elixir. Lotus Wei’s flower elixirs truly provide a deeper, transformative experience of the power of flower alchemy and will uniquely supplement your journey towards natural healing.


Curious about how others experienced Lotus Wei’s Flower Elixirs and what flowers they might be drawn to? Learn how my dear friend, Tricia of Ni Hao New York experienced the Giant Spider Lily  flower elixir. After reading her post, discover the next blogger’s Flowerevolution experience!

What Lotus Wei mood or flower are you drawn to? Learn more here.

Lotus Wei Radiant Energy Flower Elixir, $35.

Radiant Energy Flower Elixir Ingredients: Flower essences of Punica granatum (Pomegranate), Achillea millefolium (Yarrow), Trifolium pretense (Red Clover), Crassula ovata (Jade Succulent), Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus), and gem essence of Black Tourmaline in pure water, *grape alcohol, and ethically sourced raw desert wildflower honey (For adults & children over 1 year). *Certified Organic.


*Product provided for my consideration. All words and opinions are my own. “Flowerevolution” photos courtesy of Lotus Wei.

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