Pure Forever, a new luxury skincare line from 100% Pure

Note: This is not a sponsored blog entry of any sort, I was not influenced or paid by 100% Pure. I am just expressing my love and excitement for a brand I like! ūüôāImage

A favorite natural beauty brand of mine,¬†100% Pure, has recently announced a new skincare line called, Pure Forever. This new line adds to the brand’s already-awesome arsenal of cosmetics and skincare products made from organic and naturally-derived ingredients.¬†The mission of 100% Pure is to offer products that are “truly 100% pure-no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins.”¬†The brand is also committed to being a vegan, cruelty-free brand that does not test on animals.

The Pure Forever line is marketed as the brand’s new luxury skincare products featuring a interesting lineup of facial scrubs, moisturizers, serums, eye creams and cleansers¬†similar¬†to the regular 100% Pure products however, with new ingredients, luxe packaging and higher price points. The Pure Forever line was unveiled last week on 100% Pure’s Facebook page:¬†“We developed this line of luxury skincare products for purists without limits. These highly potent formulas are all natural, 100% vegan, and gluten free.¬†Launching exclusively on our website & in 100% Pure retail stores only.”

Currently featured Pure Forever products from 100% Pure

Currently featured Pure Forever products from 100% Pure

Claiming to be highly potent, the new Pure Forever products definitely make me curious to try while the new ingredients and chic-er packaging surely has me itching to purchase something. With products such as “Matcha Green Tea Cleansing Foam”, “Vegetable Detoxing Facial Mask”, “Mushroom & Peptides Firming + Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream”, and “Pomegranate Moisturizer”, they almost seem to delicious to be true! With an increase of organic/natural luxury skincare and cosmetics that may not deliver in terms of benefits ( many only seem “luxurious” in packaging and pricing with no real benefits), I’m curious to see if 100% Pure delivers something different to the organic/natural stage.

Pure Forever products

The prices for Pure Forever products are a bit higher than their normal product line, starting at $32-$45 for facial cleansers/scrubs,  $45-$55 for eye creams, $48 for moisturizers, $65 for the anti-aging serum, and $58 for a night repair balm. Considering there are many high-end organic skincare lines out there, I think there are more expensive and often times less-effective products than 100% Pure products.

I’m excited to try a few of these new products and to see if the Pure Forever products truly are a potent, effective luxury skincare line. Unless you live near a free-standing 100% Pure Retail store, you can only snag some of these online. Check out the Pure Forever line at¬†https://www.100percentpure.com/pure-forever-s/659.htm¬†or browse the full 100% Pure product offerings:¬†http://www.100percentpure.com/

Have you tried any of the new Pure Forever products? Which ones are you interested in trying? Do you have any favorite 100% Pure products?

NVEY ECO Now Available at Ulta.com!

Yes, you saw right! Products from the well-known organic cosmetics brand, NVEY ECO are now available to purchase on Ulta.com. Known for their high-performance, professional quality of cosmetics manufactured in Austrailia, NVEY ECO products range from pressed eyeshadow, cream foundation and nourishing lipstick. Products are all formulated without parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic frangrances or any other harmful ingredients and not tested on animals. Lauded by a variety of blogs I frequent, these products are an exciting addition to Ulta that surely beefs up the quality of their current organic offerings.
I love that NVEY ECO has a good range of colors for eyeshadow, blush, lip products and foundation and the pigmentation looks wonderful.

I’ve been wanting to try some NVEY ECO products for some time and have been lusting over the eyeshadow specifically because of the nice range of colors and also the option to buy refills (offered only on the NVEY ECO website) that could be easily added to palettes like the Z-palette.

Here are the NVEY ECO products I’m eager to try from Ulta.com: Pressed eyeshadow in Mojito, Shroom, or Topaz,¬†Powder Blush, and¬†Advanced Care Lip Color lipsticks in Pink Lemonade or Fondness. Plus, right now if you purchase any NVEY ECO products on Ulta.com you’ll receive a travel size Amour Rose Lip Lustre with your order. Score!


It’s great that Ulta, a ¬†more accessible beauty store, is offering more organic brands like NVEY ECO since previously few other online retailers sell them. Here’s to hoping NVEY ECO will also soon be available in Ulta retail stores!

Are you lusting over any NVEY ECO products? Let me know in the comments!

Images from Ulta.com