Stop With Those Plastic Bags Already: Bag The Habit

Bag the Habit Market_Set

Out of many things that irritate me on a normal basis, one of my biggest pet peeves is when cashiers automatically assume I’d like a plastic bag with my purchase. The scene of the crime is usually at the grocery store and more often than not, I either have to stop everything and re-pack my items into reusable bags I brought with me, or stomp off with a handful of plastic bags feeling defeated and upset.

I’ll admit, as a busy woman on-the-go it’s easy to forget  to take my reusable tote bags everywhere with me and let’s face it, hard to find bags that aren’t dorky-looking nor require extra space. That’s where Bag The Habit comes in, with beautiful, ergonomic, and convenient reusable bags made from 100% eco-friendly fabrics.

*There’s also a special deal for my readers after the jump!

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Read Me On Ecouterre Today!

I’ve been a longtime reader of Ecouterre, an online website dedicated to reporting about eco-fashion, sustainable innovations, style, and design. I wrote a post on Ecouterre about an ingenious portable clothes dryer designed to benefit individuals in wet climates. The contraption is called the X&C Quick Assembly Dry Machine and it won a prestigious international design award in 2013, the Red Dot Design Award. Read the full post on Ecouterre! 🙂

Beauty Chat: Dominique Caron, Founder of Caru Skincare Co

Caru Edit

Caru Skincare Co is a handmade, organic soap and skincare line crafted from the purest botanicals and minerals without using parabens, phthalates, SLS or fragrances and created in small batches. Founded in 2012 by budding herbalist, Dominique Caron, Caru Skincare Co produces gorgeous skincare products that are healthy and safe for your body using simple but effective ingredients. The packaging is delicate and vintage-inspired not to mention 100% sustainable. Each product label is handmade, biodegradable, printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper and contains embedded wildflower seeds so that once you are finished, you can plant the label in soil and watch your flowers grow!

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Brilliant Earth: Ethically Sourced Jewelry Inspired by Nature


The folks at Brilliant Earth reached out to me to create inspiration style boards featuring their new Autumn-inspired, Wisteria Collection. Brilliant Earth is a jewelry company that provides beautiful, high-quality jewelry originating from ethical and environmentally responsible sourcing.

“Our goal at Brilliant Earth is to make jewelry as beautiful as it can be. We are passionate about cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry.”

The brand features conflict free diamond jewelry made with recycled gold and platinum among  delicate engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Besides from implementing strict sourcing and labor standards, the company donates 5% of their profits to communities harmed by the jewelry industry. Brilliant Earth also works with nonprofit organizations to educate others about the social and environmental issues within the jewelry industry. Learn more about the company’s mission here.

“The beauty of falling leaves and the graceful curves of bare autumn branches combine in fluid designs that captured our designers’ imaginations. Pave diamonds bring a dazzling light to nature’s beauty.”

I admire Brilliant Earth’s mission to provide beautiful, ethically sourced jewelry and their initiative to foster change through education. Similar to their permanent collections, the Wisteria Collection is inspired by nature but specifically, the Autumn season. The Wisteria Collection illustrates the splendor of Fall through sparkling jewels, twisting details and subtle movement. See the full collection online at the Brilliant Earth website.

Allisons-Ring-Rose-croppedPlumeria-Collection-croppedWisteria-Leaf-Earring-croppedThe Wisteria earrings stood out to me for it’s unique movement and delicate design. These earrings inspired me to create a style board representing a woman who is mysterious and intriguing, a world traveler, stylish and colorful, fashionable and timeless. She embodies chicness and femininity while also bold and avant-garde.

Wisteria 1

I also loved the Plumeria pieces in the collection and was inspired to create a style board surrounding the type of woman I envisioned the design embodies. She is elegant as she is artistic, simplistic, enjoys nature, bright colors, art and can just slip on a dress and boots while choosing stunning jewelry for everyday wear.

plumeria 2

“Inspired by the Autumn Love…pieces that look at once dynamic and delicate, contemporary and timeless, much like nature itself.”

What do you think of Brilliant Earth’s Wisteria Collection? What are your favorites from the Collection? 

*Information and images courtesy of Brilliant Earth. All opinions are my own.

Links to Love This Week Vol. 3

Links to Love 10/30

1) Uniqlo’s newest design collaboration inspired by illustrator and writer, Tove JanssonCute limited edition shirts and sweatshirts featuring the cute and loveable characters from Jansson’s popular Finnish “Moomin” cartoons. —Uniqlo

2) I do not condone the actions of Miley Cyrus but these illustrations in Cosmopolitan, “9 Disney Princesses Drawn as Miley Cyrus” is as hilarious as it is cute. I’m totally digging Jasmine’s outfit. — Cosmopolitan

3) Halloween is tomorrow! Need a last minute costume idea? These 3-DIY costumes only using t-shirts from YouTuber, Anneorshine are cute, clever and easy to make. — YouTube

4) Ugh, dreading the post-candy-feasting pounds. Check out this desk with an attached treadmill! I wish my workplace had these installed. — Well + Good NYC

5) Duuuudeee, did you watch this Brazilian surfer shred a 100-foot wave in Portugal? — BroBible

6) The most awesome response from a mom whose son’s pumpkin was smashed pre-Halloween. — The Huffington Post

7) If you donate to his Kickstarter campaign, author Micah Toll will be able to finance a video series on how to build a DIY electrical bike. Toll hopes more people will learn to build and ride electric bikes because they save money as well as the environment. — Treehugger

8) Did you notice Google’s search header images the other day? They featured designs by iconic Hollywood designer, Edith Head. I especially admire Head’s legendary designs for movies like Sabrina and All About Eve. HonestlyWTF showcases some more gorgeous, iconic costume sketches by Edith Head. — HonestlyWTF

9) Happy Halloween! Enjoy your candy, costumes and don’t forget to do the Monster Mash! 😉

Links to Love This Week Vol. 1

Source: National Geographic Tumblr

It’s almost the weekend, hooray! Here are some links from the web that are getting me through the rest of this week:

Thinking about Halloween costume ideas? This mom dressed her daughter up as 5 historical, inspiring women and the result is super sweet and heartwarming – Upworthy

The smarties in the Psychology department over at my alma mater found that Oreos are as addictive as cocaine.Their research showed that Oreos triggered the same pleasure center of the brain as drugs do – CBS

I’m obsessed with National Geographic’s Tumblr blog: “FOUND”. I find myself getting lost in all kinds of vintage photo goodness there – Tumblr

A helpful guide from Well + Good NYC on what you should be thinking about when buying organic versus local produce – Well + Good NYC

Jessica Biel’s brother, Justin Biel launched his own line of eco-friendly, up-cycled burlap bags. The designs look cool but the idea doesn’t seem too unique. Meh – Ecouterre 

This Kate Spade Saturday reversible/multi-wear wool mini skirt is so cute!  – Kate Spade Saturday

I may just have to purchase this new, limited edition S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Hibiscus face mask along with my order for a bunch of their lip balms, which are still $1 each until the end of October  – S.W. Basics of Brooklyn

Read about the designer who created the cute and versatile Android logo and some logo design tips – The New York Times

This inspiring memoir about Malala, the Pakistani girl who fought for women’s education rights, was targeted and shot by the Taliban is next on my “to-read” list – Amazon

Yoga inspiration from some cute bunnies  – Pinterest

The blog,“Humans of New York” finally released a book compiling all the photos that depict the heartfelt, emotional, funny and beautiful people of New York City I’ve grown to love – Amazon

Recommended Fall reads from the Design*Sponge team and cool book-inspired designs – Design*Sponge

What are you loving this week?

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Oyster App Places the Literary World at Your Fingertips

“the world’s mine oyster”

So goes the famous quote from Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor and now a defining namesake in the literary world with the release of a new e-book sharing app, Oyster.


Unofficially dubbed the Netflix for e-books, Oyster allows subscribed users unlimited access to a virtual library of over 100,000 (and growing) titles at a monthly fee of $9.95. Currently, the Oyster app is only available in the US for users on iPhone and iPod Touch but there are plans for being available internationally and a Fall release on iPads as well. To start using the service, you must request an invite on the website. I requested an invite about a week ago and received a formal invitation and personal access link yesterday.

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Self-sustaining Terrarium Jewelry from With Roots

I’ve always loved the way one can enjoy the beauty of nature whether outdoors or indoors through the form of potted plants, flowers and herbs. Sometimes you just need a little reminder of Mother Nature on your desk or kitchen counter to help you breathe and get through the day. Take a look at these fab jewelry pieces from the company, With Roots where you not only take a bit of nature with you, you can wear it.

WIth Roots is a Brooklyn-based jewelry line designed by photographer, Sharon Goldberg. The idea for this unique collection started when Goldberg designed some custom terrariums for a friend:

“He liked them so much he told me he wished he could wear them! I did my research and made it happen, and With Roots was born.”

These tiny terrariums dangle from precious sterling silver or gold chains, adorned with charms and encased in beautifully crafted glass. These eye-catching pieces are real, self-sustaining terrariums which in moderate sunlight and temperature will collect enough moisture to hydrate and maintain itself. Intended for daily wear, the motto for these living necklaces, bracelets and earrings is, “The more you wear it, the happier these plants are!”

For anyone who can’t keep a house plant alive or just needs more green in their life, these would make fun and gorgeous gifts. I’m definitely putting these on my list for all my nature-loving, stylish friends!

For a limited time, you can purchase selected pieces at a discount on (click here for my special invite) or shop the full collection on the With Roots websiteWhat do you think about wearing these With Roots terrariums? 

Images from, information from and With Roots.

A Peek Inside Tom Brady and Gisele’s Eco-Conscious Estate

The October issue of Architectural Digest features an exclusive peek inside Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s gorgeous, eco-conscious estate. This sprawling, green Los Angeles oasis seems to be a perfect retreat away from all the bright lights and attention that’s always following the celebrity power couple.

The couple’s goal in creating their dream property focused on their desire to not only live comfortably but also to live responsibly. Gisele, who is a global ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme, stressed the importance of sustainable living, design and the conservation of natural resources throughout the conception of the project:  “From the beginning we asked everyone involved in the design and construction, ‘How can we make it as sustainable as possible?’”

The construction of the home involved as many recycled components as possible with the use of environmentally friendly construction materials and design features. In addition to an array of photovoltaic solar panels to meet all the property’s energy needs, the couple’s home features water and energy systems that actually improves the family’s total impact on the land.

Take a look at this breathtaking, eco-inspired mansion:

All images from Architectural Digest

Your Fave 90s Cartoons Reimagined for NYFW

Ah, the good ol’ 90s aka my childhood: awesome T.V. shows, addictive girl/boy bands, questionable fashion trends, sparkly makeup….

What better way to kick off New York Fashion Week than these fun designs inspired by popular 90s cartoon characters and the brands they’d wear for Fashion Week shows. Dreamed up by Swagger New York in collaboration with designer, Michele Moricci these pics are so spot on and super cute! Missing the 90s even more.

Totally loving all the looks but my faves are Captain Planet, Daria and Sailor Moon! Which ones are yours?

Source: Swagger New York