Weleda Sensitive Skin Facial Care: Refreshed Look, Trusted, Healthy Formulas

When I think of brands I use and trust, there are a variety of aspects that I like to consider, however a factor that’s always intriguing to me is a brand’s history. Weleda is a brand that has upheld their legacy in the beauty industry with not much changing, whether it be their commitment to natural, holistic skincare, or cultivating and sourcing quality ingredients from the brand’s own Biodynamic® gardens (one of the first in the world). Yet with such a legacy (almost 96 years of history), some things do change for the better. Recently, Weleda relaunched and refreshed the branding of their Facial Care line. 

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New Releases Radar // 18

New Releases Radar // 18


Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve chatted about new releases out in the green beauty world! Of course there have been lots of amazing products on my radar in the past few months, but here are a few that are at the top of my list:

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Paradise Revealed: Leahlani Skincare’s Island-Inspired Products Promote Beautiful, Rested Skin

Imagine an island paradise, anywhere in the world: sunshine on your face, sand beneath your toes, shimmering waves splashing against your body….and all of this bottled up within arms reach. In skincare? For me, Leahlani Skincare conjures up all the ecstasy of paradise for your skin. Am I a little obsessed? Yes, and for good reason. Read on to hear about my experience with this popular island-inspired skincare brand.

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Credo’s Clean Beauty Kit Provides Luxurious Green Beauty Discoveries


If you haven’t been following me on Instagram, I’ve just spent time abroad in Japan for a 2-week vacation (more on my trip soon). What peeves me the most when packing for a long trip is figuring out exactly what skincare and makeup essentials to bring, especially with a limitation on product sizes. Thankfully, Credo Beauty launched their Clean Beauty Kit just in time for me to bring it on vacation and test it out. Talk about a perfect travel skincare solution!

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Defying Anti-Aging Skincare: DN-UNIK Hyaluronic Products + a discount code!


From what I can tell, European organic and natural skincare brands are really on a roll with beautiful innovative, effective products. I love supporting American brands and makers, but I also really love discovering products from other countries and am even more excited when international brands expand to the U.S. One such brand is DN-UNIK, which features beautiful skincare products made in France, formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients that are also Ecocert and Cosmebio certified organic.

I immediately admired the clean, chic packaging of DN-UNIK products and that the brand aims to provide organic skincare formulas that focus on anti-aging results. DN-UNIK recently launched online in the U.S. and kindly asked me if I’d like to give their products a try. Currently, you can purchase a full collection of DN-UNIK products at The Choosy Chick and at Abe’s Market. Get 20% off all DN-UNIK products at The Choosy Chick with my special code: PLEINMEETSUNIK until 12/31/2014. 

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Inspiring Beauty From Within, Inside and Outside the Shower: Eu2Be Skincare


Eu2Be is a lovely line of natural skincare products made in small batches in the USA with standout skin-benefiting ingredients sourced from Brazil. Products do not include parabens, petroleum, GMOs, are gluten-free and not tested on animals. 

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99 Problems But My Pits Ain’t One: Natural Deodorant Roundup


I want to let you in on a little secret about me that have many of my friends and fellow bloggers appalled: I don’t wear deodorant on a daily basis. The truth is, I don’t really sweat that much and when I do sweat, I don’t tend to have heavy body odor. You might not believe me or think I’m crazy, but you can ask my family members! (Or want to sniff me after a sweaty gym session?) Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so everyone’s natural sweat patterns and quantity are different. But even though I don’t wear deodorant on a daily basis, it doesn’t mean I don’t ever wear it. I still like feeling fresh and sweat-free after exercising or when I know I’ll be spending time outside in hot, humid weather.

The scary thing about traditional deodorants is that they are said to contain aluminum compounds that have been linked to breast cancer. Though it’s not totally proven for sure, why would you want to put your body at that risk? I understand being cautious about not looking sweaty and pit-stained, but I think it’s crazy to what limits some people will go to try put an end to sweating. I once overheard a girl in my yoga class say she was thinking about getting a surgery that would plug up her sweat glands! What? Sweating is a natural and necessary bodily function. Without it, your body would not be operating properly. Sweating naturally cools down your body’s internal temperature and cleanses your pores of dirt and toxins keeping your skin clean and your body healthy. Nevertheless, we all want to feel comfortable with our own pits, so why not do it the natural way?

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Skincare with True Plant Purity: Laurel Whole Plant Organics


When I find a skincare brand that I love entirely– from the brand’s story and mission, to product ingredients, to formulation and packaging, I want to shout it from the rooftops and share with everyone I know. For me, Laurel Whole Plant Organics is one such brand. I was overjoyed when Laurel WPO asked me to try out some of their lovely products in celebration of their rebrand and reformulated products.

Previously known as Sequoia Beauty, the California-based Laurel Whole Plant Organics is a handcrafted skincare line with products formulated from locally sourced, high quality organic ingredients drawing from the natural benefits of pure and unaltered whole plant ingredients.

The brand’s founder Laurel Shaffer, a plant-loving herbalist, became passionate for herbalism and natural health after she suffered from health issues and sought the advice of a holistic nutritionist. Following herbal prescriptions and the nutritionist’s suggestions, Laurel was completely restored of her health ailments, became a believer of herbal medicine and was interested in learning more. After attending school for herbal studies, she was inspired to use her knowledge to create the cleanest skincare line possible with pure plants and herbs.

“Laurel WPO is a flower and herb based facial care line. We have the highest possible standards for organic ingredients, biodynamic ingredients, and raw, unrefined whole plant ingredients. We source directly from our farmers, making our purity and integrity unparalleled.”

Not only do I admire Laurel Whole Plant Organics’ brand mission for high quality organic, handcrafted, locally-sourced ingredients, I am also so impressed with the effectiveness of the product formulations. The brand’s high standards for the purity and integrity of their ingredients is really a testament to the benefits and efficacy of using nature’s raw ingredients in skincare.

California Body Oil: My skin fell in love with this sensuous and light body oil. When I first applied this to my skin, I could almost hear my body sigh with relaxation and delight. Inspired by the scents of California, this product smells so pleasant and energizes the senses pulling from warm and woody notes of rose, sandalwood, vetiver, scotch pine and cedarwood. The California Body Oil uses organic and therapeutic grade essential oils to awaken and energize mind, body, and spirit. I’m definitely reminded of fun, summer trips as a child visiting family in warm, sunny California.

The body oil absorbs quickly and envelopes the skin with a rich, smooth texture that hydrates and nourishes to perfection. In addition, this product “features AvocadoRosehip Seed and Tamanu for their rich texture, rich vitamin and mineral content, and healing nature. Red Raspberry Seed Oil is a stand out in this formula as well, adding to the other oils already existing sun protection properties.” While, I’ll definitely be purchasing this in the future, I’m also curious about Laurel WPO’s newest body oil, Sun: Before & After Body Oil,which sounds lovely for long summer days under the sun. I’ve been savoring this precious California Body Oil and am so dreading the day when I run out. ($80/100ml)


Balance Facial Serum: I admit, I’m already facial oil-obsessed yet, I’m still often doubtful to the claims of every facial serum that comes my way. Laurel WPO’s Balance Facial Serum heralded a lot of admirable claims that intrigued me; a transformative facial serum perfect for oil, combination, or breakout prone skin that rapidly absorbs, heals and balances the skin. Sounds too good to be true, right? And yet, it is beyond perfect. This serum swiftly hydrates and absorbs into the skin, leaving my face feeling completely moisturized, healthy and glowing. The other amazing benefit from using this facial serum is that many of my dark acne spots and blooming blemishes vanished within about 1 day of use. Continued use of this serum drastically cleared up my complexion and had my skin feeling amazing. Also, plant ingredients in this serum such as, Red Raspberry Seed, Cranberry Seed, and Jojoba have been linked to sun protection.

This product is unlike any facial oil I have ever used. It also helps that this stuff smells so darn good; “a fresh, herbal blend of organic and therapeutic grade essential oils of Lavender, Rosewood, Helichrysum and Clary Sage clear, refresh and balance skin” while, “a whole plant blend of Licorice, Chamomile, Echinacea, Calendula, Burdock, Dandelion and Passionflower helps promote the release of toxins, stimulates immune function on a surface level and is powerfully anti-inflammatory.” I’ll just say, you need to try this serum, it’s a serious skincare game-changer. ($68/30ml)

“The purity and integrity of our ingredients are what make our formulas so effective. The purer and more unaltered the whole plant ingredient, the more powerful the results. Plants are the strongest anti-aging tools we have. Their abilities are not harnessed by dissecting them, diluting them, refining them with chemicals, or growing and producing their ‘extracts’ in masses – their power is in their purity.”

After using products from Laurel Whole Plant Organics, I’ve never been more of a believer for using pure, natural whole plant ingredients to effectively treat skin.  It is evident that so much love and positive intention have been put into formulating these products and I so appreciate that in a brand. I’m inspired by Laurel’s expert focus on high quality, pure ingredients that provide outstanding, unparalleled results. An ingredient junkie like me will be delighted with the all the knowledge and detail that goes into these products; reading the descriptions on the website even excites me. I’ll definitely be adding more Laurel WPO products to my daily routine in the future.

Our promise to our customers and ourselves is to never use parabens, synthetic fragrances, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, GMOs, non-organically grown plants, or any toxic chemical of any kind. Laurel WPO is committed to your health, well-being and your beautiful skin. 

**If you want to try products from this lovely skincare line, Laurel Whole Plant Organics is generously providing my readers with a special 10% off discount and free shipping on all orders! (Free shipping for U.S. orders only.) Just use code: PLEINVANITY at checkout. Shop online at Laurel Whole Plant Organics HERE.

California Body Oil Ingredients: Avocado Oil˚, Rosehip Seed Oil˚, Sunflower Seed Oil˚, Safflower Oil˚, Tamanu Oil˚, Red Raspberry Seed Oil˚, Rosemary˚, essential oil blend of Rose˚, Sandalwood˚, Vetiver˚, Scotch Pine˚, and Cedar˚, and flower and gem essences˚ ˚signifies certified organic ingredient

 Balance Facial Serum Ingredients: Jojoba Oil˚, Macadamia Nut Oil˚, Rosehip Seed Oil˚, Sesame Oil˚, Red Raspberry Seed Oil˚, Almond Oil˚, Tamanu Oil˚, Cranberry Seed Oil˚, Sea Buckthorn Oil˚, Rosemary Extract˚, in-house biodynamic proprietary blend of Passionflower˚, Licorice˚, Calendula˚, Chamomile˚, Echinacea˚, Yarrow˚, Baical Skullcap˚, Gotu Kola˚, Comfrey˚, Astragalus˚, Nettle˚, Lavender˚, and Orange Peel˚; and essential oils of Lavender˚, Rosewood˚, Helichrysum, and Clary Sage ˚signifies certified organic ingredient

Have you tried any products from Laurel Whole Plant Organics? What do you look for in natural, effective skincare products?


*Products geniously provided for review purposes. All posts are my own, honest opinions and I am never compensated for writing reviews. All photos copyright Plein Vanity, featured image courtesy of Laurel WPO.

Banishing Acne for a Bargain: Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick

DesertEssence1 It’s hard to top my favorite acne diminishing product, Osmia Organics’ Spot Treatment (see my full review HERE) and yet, I’ve found a worthy, bargain-priced contender: Desert Essence’s Blemish Touch Stick ($5.99). I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon this natural, botanically-formulated skincare gem at Vitacost and was even more perplexed as to why other bloggers have not talked about it more. The Blemish Touch Stick swiftly treats acne spots and blemishes AND dries completely matte on skin after application. What?! Yep, you read that right. So you can treat your acne during the day, under makeup, moisturizer or serums without looking like a overly greasy, oily-spotted loony. DesertEssence2 Like most Desert Essence formulas, the Blemish Touch Stick combines a powerful proprietary blend of  sustainably-harvested, natural Tea Tree Oil with botanical essential oil extracts (Chamomile, Lavender, Palmarosa, Wintergreen and Calendula) to effectively diminish acne spots and skin imperfections while soothing and nourishing the skin. This product never leaves my face feeling dried out or flakey. I will note, this product feels and smells very potent on my sensitive skin. My skin did start to tingle and burn if I applied too much product to my face. Be especially careful if you apply to any areas near the eyes, it can easily cause irritation. Go easy with applying this product, there’s a ton to go around with the generous size of 0.31 fl oz.

“A combination of nine natural extracts and essential oils specially blended together in order to leave skin looking clear and radiant. The known antiseptic properties of Tea Tree Oil work to diminish skin imperfections while Chamomille, Lavender, Palmrose, Wintergreen and Calendula soothe and nourish the skin.”

The EWG Skin Deep Database rates this product at a low score of “2” for overall safety, see the details HERE. There’s no question I’ll always be true to the amazing Spot Treatment from Osmia Organics (the gentle formula and captivating scent alone has me shelling out dollars,) but when I need a quick, more affordable fix for my acne woes, Desert Essence’s Blemish Touch Stick will definitely be up there at the top of my repurchase list.

“Inspired by the healing spirit of the desert, our sustainable, natural products draw from nutrient rich desert botanicals like Jojoba, Aloe and Tee Tree, all revered in native culture for their deep healing properties. Naturally effective without harsh chemicals, our products work in harmony with your body to nurture, soothe and restore.”

Where to buy: Desert Essence always has great promotions on their site too, check this page for updated promos and deals. Until June 30th, get 25% off all orders using code: DESUN14 Visit Vitacost using my personal invite link and get $10 off a purchase of $30 or more HERE!

Have you tried the Blemish Touch Stick from Desert Essence? What are your favorite natural products for treating acne and blemishes?

Desert Essence products are produced and formulated: vegetarian/vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, from recyclable, biodegradable, renawable sources. Never formulated using animal derived ingredients or animal testing, no parabens, artificial fragrances/dyes, petroleum compounds (mineral oil, petrolatum and paraffin), SLS, PEGS, PPG, MEA, DEA or TEA, and no glycols or phtalates.  Ingredients: Natural grain alcohol denat., hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), water, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, aniba rosaneodora (rosewood) wood oil, calendula officinalis flower oil, cedrus deodara wood oil, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower oil, citrus aurantium amara (bitter orange) peel oil, cymbopogon martini oil (procumbens (wintergreen) leaf oil, lauvrus nobilis oil, lavandula spica (lavender) flower oil, lavandula augustifolia (lavender) oil, melaleuca viridiflora leaf oil (tea tree) myrtus communis oil (myrtle).

*Post contains affiliate links. All  opinions are my own, product purchased by me because I have acne too, guys!

Beauty Chat: Sara Damelio, Founder of Skincando


Skincando is a Washington D.C. based natural skincare company created by Sara Damelio. The brand specializes in handcrafted skincare products made in small batches. Skincando uses high quality natural and organic ingredients free from harmful synthetics such as parabens, petrochemicals, fragrances or dyes and use non-toxic cleaning agents in the production process. Read my review on Skincando products here.

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