New Releases Radar // 19

New Releases Radar // 19

With the influx of many new products popping up left and right, here are a few recent green beauty releases I’m particularly excited about at the moment:

Ursa Major Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask: Ursa Major is a skincare brand I respect for creating a successful and impressive collection of unisex products. Their newest release is quite unique and exciting–the Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask ($44) features a plant-based “flash” enzyme that “quickly dissolves dead surface skin while accelerating cell turnover to enhance skin’s tone, elasticity, luminosity and firmness – all without the irritation associated with harsh scrubs or chemical peels.” Pretty cool, right? Thanks to naturally-derived and organic, plant-based active ingredients, the Flash Mask improves skin by clarifying and brightening, evening tone and texture, maintaining clear pores, and is easy-to-use and works for all skin types. I like that the texture seems to be that of a gel mask, which is definitely the type of mask I gravitate towards as someone who has drier, sensitive skin and because these masks are less of a hassle to apply than loose, powder masks. Oh, and the scent description is “a breezy, tropical blend with hints of pineapple, coffee and orange.” If that doesn’t convince you, I have nothing more to say! (Check out my past Ursa Major reviews here.)

Kosas Color & Light Palettes: Known for their luxe natural lipsticks, Kosas has recently released a collection of six beautiful face palettes containing a duo of blushes and highlighters. The Color & Light palettes ($34) are divided into three cream product palettes and three pressed powder palettes. According to what little information is available on Kosas’ website, the pressed powder Color & Light palettes include natural ingredients, beneficial to the skin and in colors designed for a range of skin tones, including: “Refined pigments and soft, finely milled powder are enhanced with nylon molecules for a silky, veil-like feel and controllable, buildable intensity. Matte-ifying without drying, jojoba and moringa oils, rice bran, and rosemary extract give a skin cushioning treatment with every application.” The Color & Light palettes with cream product formulations are noted for blendable, soft, and lit-from-within qualities also for a range of skin tones. “Weightless, buildable formulas inspire intuitive application, with effortless blendable layering and soft, smooth finishes. Enhanced with nourishing face oils including marula, rosehip seed, grape seen, green tea, and myrrh, it’s beyond color.”

SkinOwl Maqui Berry Beauty Whip: I’m always a sucker for multi-use skincare or makeup products, and SkinOwl’s Maqui Berry Beauty Whip ($68) is a new all-in-one face product that I have my eye on. This is described as a soothing and smoothing, all-in-one face mask, makeup primer, and moisturizer booster. I’m quite curious about Beauty Whip since it can be applied as an overnight mask and rinsed off in the morning, as well as used a regular moisturizing layer. Beauty Whip can also be used with SkinOwl’s various Beauty Drops facial serums. The product is described as gentle, creamy, and intended for all skin types. The formula consists of richly hydrating, nourishing, organic ingredients including: “Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Olive and Jojoba Oils, plus antioxidant rich Patagonian Maqui Berry, Organic Rooibos, toning DMAE, and smoothing MSM.”

Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask and Vital Balm Cream: I’ve always appreciated that like many other “OG” green beauty brands (the original brands I’ve used since I started blogging), Josh Rosebrook product releases seem far and few in between. Josh Rosebrook is a brand that doesn’t get caught up in trends nor quantity of product releases, instead focusing on product additions that truly provide distinct, effective function and stand-out formulas. The latest offerings are the Advanced Hydration Mask ($65), which seems to be a creamy, hydrating facial mask that doesn’t require water rinsing to remove, and the Vital Balm Cream ($45), a multi-benefit moisturizer that hydrates, repairs, and restores skin texture and function. Both products utilize the powerful skin-healing benefits of Indian Senna Seed extract and a proprietary blend of herbal actives.
As someone with dry skin, I am very intrigued by both these new products and especially curious about the Advanced Hydration Mask, which sounds like it’d be a perfect facial mask to use ask the temperatures drop and my dry skin gets worse.

Au Naturale Brow Boss: It’s so exciting to see all these unique forms of clean brow products being released! While there are now a bunch of great gel and pomade-style brow products out there (I recently reviewed the new Plume Brow Pomade here), my favorite go-to type of brow product is still the lazy girl’s choice: a brow pencil/crayon. That’s why I’m currently stalking Au Naturale’s new Brow Boss Organic Pencil ($22). It looks like a thicker brow crayon type of product available in a nice variety of shades. The formula boasts a nice blend of organic and natural ingredients that sound like they will nourish (like castor seed and jojoba seed oils) and effectively keep brows and pigment in place (candelila and castor seed waxes). Once I finish up some brow products I’m currently use, I think I’ll be picking up this brow pencil to test! Buy this pencil directly from my site using this link or by clicking the shopping bag pop-up icon on the right-hand side of this page. Includes free shipping & free returns.

Kjaer Weis Lip and Eye Pencils: I hereby bow down to Kjaer Weis, queen of creating luxe AF clean beauty products that look as fierce as their formulas. Always here to keep other green beauty brands on their toes, Kjaer Weis’s new Lip Pencils and Eye Pencils ($30 each) are beauties to behold, if not only as luxurious, artful options for ordinary makeup products. There are two Eye Pencil shades: Black and Brown, described to have a “Satin finish” and a “soft, smooth texture that glides on rich color.” There are four Lip Pencils: Mauve, Rose, Classic, and Flush, created to compliment the KW Lipsticks and Lip Tints and described as having a “Velvet-Matte finish” and a soft texture that “glides on long lasting color thanks to organic ingredients such as coconut oil.” While you can always count on Kjaer Weis for elevated, chic beauty products, you can also depend on the certified organic ingredients that make for standout performance. I’m definitely eyeing one of the Lip Pencils, though I’m more hesitant to shell out $30 for an eye pencil. If you’re feeling super fancy, you could also treat yourself (or someone deserving) to the gorgeous Artist Kit ($145), a boxed set containing the entire KW Pencils collection.

RMS Beauty Signature Sets and Luminizer X Quad: It seems that a lot more green beauty brands are making the transition to palette-based packaging, which in terms of simplifying product stashes, is quite nice. I’ve been a loyal fan of RMS Beauty products from the start, though the tiny glass jar packaging isn’t always the most convenient, so these new palettes are a welcome product. I do wish they’d included mirrors inside each palette. RMS’ new Signature Sets ($44) are two palm-sized palettes containing 5 bestselling cream products that satisfy your makeup needs from a highlight, bronzer, lip and cheek color, and lip balm. The Mod Collection includes: master mixer, living luminizer, smile lip2cheek, spell lip2cheek and simply cocoa lip & skin balm, and the Pop Collection includes: buriti bronzer, magic luminizer, demure lip2cheek, beloved lip2cheek and simply vanilla lip & skin balm. As a highlighter-lover, I’m really excited about the Luminizer X Quad ($48), which features 4 new beautiful highlight products, each a unique twist on RMS’ cult favorite product, the Living Luminizer. This palette includes Luminizer X: “an Xtreme version” of the Living Luminizer (seems to be more pearlescent), Luminizer Nude: “a subtle, radiant copper highlight”, Champagne Rose: “a warm blush champagne highlight”, and Champagne Fizz: “a glam opalescent shimmer”. According to RMS, these highlights can each be worn alone or mixed together for high-impact luminosity.  I just got the Luminizer X Quad and will be reviewing it soon!

Which of these new releases are you most excited for? What are some other new products you’re lusting over? For past New Releases Radar posts, check them out here.

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  1. Steph Comer October 18, 2017

    The Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream is lovely, especially for dehydrated skin. I was, disappointed with how little product you get for the money, but a little does go a long way.

    • Kasey October 19, 2017

      Good to know, Steph! The Vital Balm is definitely on the top of my “to-buy-next” list, especially as winter approaches. 🙂


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