Better Late Than Never: May & June Goodbeing Box Reviews

Goodbeing May Box 1The months of May and June were crunchtime for wedding and moving prep, (not to mention also finals time for grad school) so I didn’t get around to posting about the Goodbeing boxes that I received. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on both the May and June Goodbeing boxes and my last post as a Goodbeing ambassador:

~May box:

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Instant Long Lash Mascara in “Deep”: When I first opened my Goodbeing box and I saw this full-size Pacifica mascara peeking out, I was very excited! I’ve heard nothing but great things about Pacifica mascara (my mom and sister are both fans) and this waterproof mascara sounded like it’d be right up my alley. Then I noticed that this mascara was in a dark blue color! I tried it anyway and actually one can’t really notice that it’s a blue mascara. This mascara formula is really effective for lengthening and separating lashes, something that my short lashes desperately need. The brush is very sturdy and wide while the formula is very pigmented and lasts all day. Plus, from my limited testing, this formula is water-resistant and I experienced no signs of smearing. 

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara_brushI warmed up to using a blue mascara, normally I probably wouldn’t have picked up a colored mascara (though this purple W3LL People one has caught my eye…) but it’s fun and provides a pop of subtle color for special occasions, especially in the summer. Loved this product and would definitely purchase it, but probably in a normal everyday black or brown color. $14, .25 fl oz.

London Pedisoaks

London’s Pedisoaks Foot Polish, Foot Masque, and Organic Dry Shampoo: To be honest, I’m so lazy when it comes to foot exfoliators, so while I was very intrigued about these all natural and cruelty free foot products, I didn’t really get around to trying them. I’m very curious about the foot masque and will have to report back when I have a moment to test it! The Organic Dry Shampoo however, was a great product that helped keep my hair fresh and oil-free. The Lavender & Bergamot scent is pleasant and also helps to absorb any greasy build-up on hot, humid summer days. My all-time favorite dry shampoo is still from One Love Organics, however this one from London’s Pedisoaks is a great travel-friendly alternative. Shop all products at London’s Pedisoaks.

Board and Batten Calming Lift

Board and Batten Calming Lift Hyaluronic Acid Toner: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this product! I’ve heard much about Board and Batten but never actually tried anything from the brand. This toner is extremely soothing, absorbs quickly into skin, and deeply nourishes. It made my skin feel fresh and hydrated all throughout the day. Having this travel-sized toner was also perfect, I brought it with me on my honeymoon and it was more than enough toner for 2 weeks abroad. I would definitely purchase this toner again in the future, maybe even the full-size too. $14 for 1 ounce sample size, $30 for 4 ounce.

Overall thoughts: I was very pleased with the mascara and toner included in this box however, was not too excited about the foot products and dry shampoo. Perhaps my product preferences needed to be changed in my initial Goodbeing survey, these types of products do not really interest me as much as beauty and skincare. Overall, for the value of this box is great, lots of useable product-sizes and no sign of flimsy samples— definitely a plus!

Goodbeing June Box

~June box:

DeVita LipScience Volumizer

Devita LipScience Volumizer: Upon first seeing this in the box, I was curious but also perplexed at what exactly this product was. This lip plumper contains all natural ingredients and is also a shimmering lip gloss. Though I’m not one who’s into the lip plumping craze, I was curious if this product would work and how my lips would appear. I wouldn’t say I had instant Kylie Jenner lips using this product, but my lips did appear more fuller and dare I say, juicier? The natural opalescence of this lip product is flattering and makes the lips appear more plump and healthy.

DeVita LipScience Volumizer swatchThe formula is very nourishing, hydrating and long-lasting without drying out my lips. This product can be worn alone or over/under other lip products and it works well in both situations. Would I purchase this on my own? Probably not, it’s not really the type of product I like but it was definitely something unique to try. $27.95, 8ml.

St Tropica Organic Coconut Hair Mask

St. Tropica Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask: A hair mask is definitely something I usually steer clear from, as my oil-prone hair makes me very nervous. I did not try out this mask though the natural ingredients and claimed benefits are intriguing. Perhaps when I’m feeling more adventurous or when my crazy hair calms down, I will try this out. For now, I’m still too scared. I was happy to see this brand at many Ulta stores, however. $3.99 for 1.5 oz individual mask, multiple mask packs available at St. Tropica.

American Botanics SuperC+

American Botanics Super C+ Skin Perfecting Tonic with Brightening Complex: Really loved these toning wipes! The sample jar I received, contained 20 skin perfecting wipes that can be used to tone and clean skin. The wipes reminded me of my teenage skincare days using Stridex acne pads though these are definitely less intense (and with better ingredients). The American Botanics wipes were a joy to use after cleansing my face and helped get any leftover grime off my face, especially blackheads and other nasties.

American Botanics SuperC+ PadsThese wipes helped clear up my face, especially since I was suffering from breakouts after my wedding and I love how convenient it was to travel with and easy to use. I still have a few of the wipes left, so I think the amount provided is definitely good value especially if you use them once or twice a day. I would totally purchase these! $39 for 50 pads.

EO Hand Sanitizer Wipes: (Images of my original wipes not included because I used them up too quickly and forgot to take a pictures!)  A hand sanitizer is a must-have product as a New York City commuter, and the one that lives in my purse is a travel-size spritzer from EO (I always get mine at Whole Foods). Seeing these new Hand Sanitizer Wipes from EO in this month’s box was a nice surprise and perfect for use in the summer. Though I prefer my hand sanitizer spray over wipes, these were convenient to have on-the-go especially for a quick refresh after a hot, humid day traveling or after messy dinners. While I wouldn’t use these as often as my hand sanitizer spray, I think it would be a nice idea to buy a full box of wipes and keep a few wipes in my handbag, car, or at the office. These are available in disposable, individual packages (reviewed in this post), or in small, resealable packs and larger containers, both of which I prefer for having at home. $13.99 for a pack of 24 individual wipes.

derma e Hydrating Night Creme

Derma E Hydrating Night Creme: Summertime is usually when I forgo heavy facial creams and transition to mostly face oils. However, my skin has been craving lotions lately and using the Derma E Night Cream was the perfect remedy for treating my dry skin in the evenings. Lightweight, freshly scented, and quickly absorbing, the Hydrating Night Creme is a truly lovely face product that I really enjoyed using. I didn’t find it to be too greasy or irritating. I liked using it so much that some days I even put a little bit on in the morning in areas of my face that are more prone to dryness.

derma e Hydrating Night Creme swatchI definitely got a lot of use from this travel sized jar, which had more than your average amount of travel-sized cream. I would be interested to buy this cream when winter comes around. Plus, I could conveniently pick it up at Ulta if I was ever desperately in need! $25.99, 2.0 oz.

Overall thoughts: I definitely enjoyed more of the products in this month’s box compared to May’s box though this was definitely heavily skincare-based. The only product I didn’t use or find exciting was the hair mask but I don’t count that as a total loss. Overall, this box was definitely one that I was very pleased with and I also found some new products from it that I enjoyed.

The final review: This concludes my stint as a Goodbeing Ambassador (sniff sniff) and while it was fun, I will say that even as a beauty blogger, I can never keep up with subscription boxes! Perhaps if I’m ever looking for a little excitement in my mailbox, I’d consider subscribing again but for now, I’d like to use up more of the products I already have on my vanity queue without more stuff arriving on my doorstep every month.

I loved the selection I received from Goodbeing and overall, their natural/organic skincare, beauty, and lifestyle curation is top notch. Goodbeing is definitely one of the best organic/natural subscription box programs out there that I believe has the best quality products for an affordable price. If you’re an organic/natural newbie or looking to explore new products and brands every month and want the best bang for your buck, consider a Goodbeing subscription. You will not be disappointed!

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*As a Goodbeing ambassador, these boxes were sent to me for consideration. All words and opinions are my own, for more info please see my product disclosure page. Goodbeing links included in this post are subscription referral links.


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