Grandt Mason: Upcycled Vegan Shoes, Ethically Made in South Africa

I was very excited to interview Grandt Mason, the founder of what may be the coolest (and first ever, as far as I’m aware of) ethically-made vegan footwear brand, Grandt Mason Originals. Straight out of Cape Town in South Africa, these shoes have so many awesome features that highlight comfort and sustainability while minimizing harmful effects on the environment. Mason spoke with me about the story behind his brand and how he hopes Grandt Mason Originals will be a solution to mass-produced products and a way to reinvigorate artisan skills as well as ethical, consumer choices. I’m hoping these will be available in the U.S. soon otherwise, the Grandt Mason factory is one more stop on my dream trip to Cape Town! 

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“The Future of Fashion” at Go Green NYC 2013

Go Green NYC logo
Last week, I gladly accepted a chance to attend the Go Green NYC 2013 symposium held at the CUNY Graduate Center courtesy of eco-fashion and sustainable design website, Ecouterre. (Thank you!) The Go Green NYC conference is an annual, nationwide conference featuring talks by experts and recognized leaders in the sustainability field with a mission to foster learning and empower attendees with greener solutions, strategies and tools. Read more about Go Green NYC here.

I attended the closing presentation called “The Future of Fashion: The Rise of a Global Movement to Design, Source & Manufacture Responsible Apparel”. I was giddy with excitement as I love fashion and design as much as I love learning about sustainable development.

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A Peek Inside Tom Brady and Gisele’s Eco-Conscious Estate

The October issue of Architectural Digest features an exclusive peek inside Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s gorgeous, eco-conscious estate. This sprawling, green Los Angeles oasis seems to be a perfect retreat away from all the bright lights and attention that’s always following the celebrity power couple.

The couple’s goal in creating their dream property focused on their desire to not only live comfortably but also to live responsibly. Gisele, who is a global ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme, stressed the importance of sustainable living, design and the conservation of natural resources throughout the conception of the project:  “From the beginning we asked everyone involved in the design and construction, ‘How can we make it as sustainable as possible?’”

The construction of the home involved as many recycled components as possible with the use of environmentally friendly construction materials and design features. In addition to an array of photovoltaic solar panels to meet all the property’s energy needs, the couple’s home features water and energy systems that actually improves the family’s total impact on the land.

Take a look at this breathtaking, eco-inspired mansion:

All images from Architectural Digest