5YINA Skincare: Holistic Seasonal Skincare Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine

As the seasons change, so should your skincare—this is a fact I’ve come to learn and live by from my experience with natural and organic beauty. A big factor in making skincare products work for you, comes not only from understanding ingredients but also in learning to satisfy and adapt to your skin’s needs throughout every season.

5YINA is a luxury, natural skincare brand that is the highest quality example of an adaptogenic seasonal skincare collection inspired by the philosophies and processes behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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Simply Seasonal Skincare: Saison Beauty Spring Collection

Saison Beauty Spring Collection

Minus my massive allergy attacks and the erratic temperature changes, spring is one of my favorite seasons. It’s that time of year when everything is in its prime for a transition. The most obvious thing we do is switch out our clothing to meet the needs of the seasons, but what if the same practice applied to our skincare?

Saison Beauty is a San Francisco-based brand founded on the principle of seasonal skincare. Every season influences a change in our skin therefore, different ingredients and formulations should also adapt with it for the most effective treatment. Each seasonal collection from Saison is concentrated with the highest-quality, organic plant extracts from that season. 

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