ILIA Beauty’s Fade Into You Review


By now you should know I’m quite an ILIA Beauty fangirl, so as soon as the brand released some exciting, new products for Spring I quickly snapped up the whole collection. (I have a slight problem, okay?) I fell hard for the new tinted lip conditioner colors but I was most excited about ILIA’s first translucent powder product, Fade Into You. I’m all about products that are portable, refillable, mess-free, and lessens my morning makeup routine by 5 minutes. Fit a product into any of those categories and I’m sold!

ILIA’s Fade Into You is a lightweight, translucent powder with a refillable, retractable brush packaging. I don’t often use finishing powder or translucent powders as I generally prefer makeup with a dewy finish and also because my face has never been overly oily. Powder always seemed like an extra step to my everyday makeup routine and seemed to make my skin feel worse and more weighed down. It turns out, I’ve been using Fade Into You more often than I thought. I’ll admit, I definitely purchased this on impulse due to the groundbreaking packaging rather than necessity (a refillable, organic translucent powder with brush?!) but I’m very glad I picked this up. {Fade Into You is $34 for 0.14oz/4g online at ILIA Beauty}

Fade Into You is truly transparent and very lightweight in texture. It looks and feels “barely there” and a little bit goes a long way. I’ve found this powder effectively sets my cream-based makeup while keeps my face soft, shine-free, and never dried out. Fade Into You also reduces any red spots I have on my face and gives a soft, mattifying, almost-photoshopped finish to my skin. I’m always doing double-takes in the mirror after applying this powder, it looks that good! Sometimes I even wear this powder over nothing but my moisturizer for a simple, matte, soft-focus look.

You can feel the gentle effects (and yummy scents) of the product’s silky blend of organic powder and oils including Aloe Leaf extract, Passion Fruit and Rosemary oils ingredients, all of which contain anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe the skin. These nourishing ingredients allow the powder to not have a drying effect on the skin. My skin always feels soft, moisturized, and never cakey when applying Fade Into You. Of course, I always make sure to aptly apply moisturizer to my dry skin beforehand.

“ILIA Translucent Powder is an organic blend of powders and light essential oils. A touch of silica is added to minimize pores and improves overall skin tone. Shake powder to surface of brush and apply to the face liberally.”

To dispense the powder, I tap the bottom of the product’s barrel against the palm of my hand, which shakes the powder to the top of the brush. The powder is located in the lower area of the tube and dispenses up into the middle of the brush. Next, I dab or lightly tap the brush over desired areas of my face rather than brushing it over my face. To refill the powder, the bottom section of the product covered by a cap features a powder compartment which can be unscrewed, removed, and refilled. The brush can also be unscrewed from the tube for easy cleaning.

Powder refills will be available from ILIA in Summer 2014. Until then, I’m thinking it’d be interesting to fill this up with another powder after Fade Into You runs out.

FadeIntoYou4 FadeIntoYou5


Besides the powder itself  being of fabulous quality, I really like the packaging. Fade Into You features a refillable tube with a retractable brush, making application super easy anytime, anyplace. The packaging fits conveniently in any bag and ensures no messes or spills, something a klutz like me is always prone to. The packaging seems to be made out of a plastic-like material, which makes it a bit less luxurious than normal ILIA products but it does reduce the extra heft in a full makeup bag and reduces the need to bring a separate makeup brush. I wish the clear, retractable plastic near the brush head were made of a less flimsier material (I’m afraid mine is starting to crack slightly) but you’ll just have to be extra careful and dainty when using!

I love how Fade Into You naturally enhances my skin, reduces red spots, and never drys out my skin or makes it look cakey. The convenient and refillable packaging is long awaited for a translucent powder in the green beauty community and perfect for on-the-go touch ups. Another great release from ILIA Beauty!


You can also purchase Fade Into You at Content Beauty (UK), Eco Diva Beauty (US & CAN), Spirit Beauty Lounge, or Shen Beauty.

Ingredients: Manihot Esculenta (Tapioca) Starch*, Mica, Silica, Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Powder, Zinc Stearate, Passiflora Edulcis (Passionfruit) Oil*, Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Leaf Oil*, Aloe (Barbadensis) Leaf Extract*, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch*, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil*, Tocopherol.
*Certified Organic Ingredients. Ingrédients Certifiés Biologiques

What are your thoughts on this product? Have you tried ILIA’s Fade Into You? What natural finishing powders do you use?


 *Post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Gressa Skin Lip Boost in Bare Review

Gressa Lip Boost1

If there’s one thing I appreciate most from natural beauty products, it’s something that will keep my dry lips hydrated throughout the day and also gives a lively pop of color to my face. Gressa Skin’s newest line of natural lip colors, Lip Boosts do just that. Available in 3 pretty colors that are perfect for everyday wear, the Lip Boosts are composed of 100% vegan, natural ingredients that will help treat your lips and give your pout a healthy glow at the same time.

Lip Boost Ingredients: 100% Vegan trademark formula spotlights Castor oil, Carnauba Wax, Cacao Butter and Coconut Oil, proprietary blend of precious oils and tops it off with Sea Buckthorn Oil and CoEnzyme Q10 for ultra boost to your delicate pout.

Gressa Skin kindly sent me a Lip Boost in Bare to try out. At first swipe, I was immediately struck at how hydrating and soft the product felt on my lips. The Lip Boost ($21/0.24oz) has the texture of a silky lip balm, not sticky at all, is lightweight and beautifully pigmented in color. Bare is a gorgeous pink-nude color with a hint of shine. I initially wrote off the dull, mauve-pink color in the jar and thought it’d be too sheer and pink to show up against my dark lips but was pleasantly surprised at how flattering and noticeable Bare was once applied. It is a beautiful, everyday lip color that I think would look great on anyone. This sheer, nude lip shine wears beautifully alone or as a lip base underneath other lip products that lasts for hours.

Bare your lips to a new, glamorous you. Sheer, nude, and sexy, Bare requires no additional lip color for its shimmery glamour.

Gressa Lip Boost3-2

I first mentioned this Lip Boost in my post about preventing chapped lips here, and I still love using this product as a nourishing base for my lips, as a tinted substitution for my lip balm and as a dependable lip product that’s always in my makeup bag. I found that using this product before lipstick and lip gloss keeps my lips significantly hydrated, pigmented and helps my lip colors last.

I‘d definitely try out the other Lip Boosts in Lavish and Brilliant which also seem to be stunning colors. Keep up the amazing products Gressa Skin! A little birdy told me there will be more amazing “non-toxic glamour” products from Gressa Skin and I can’t wait to experience more!

Gressa Lip Boost lips

Gressa Lip Boost swatch

Have you tried any skincare or beauty products from Gressa Skin? Read my review of Gressa Skin products here and my beauty chat with Gressa Skin’s founder, Svetlana here.

*Product generously provided to me for consideration. All reviews are based on my honest opinion and personal experience using the product. I am never compensated for my opinions.

Travel Tips for Packing Beauty Essentials in a Carry-on Luggage

As you are reading this, I’ll be on a plane jetting away for my family’s annual ski trip in Colorado. It’s a favorite getaway of mine: to breathe the fresh air, spend hours outdoors skiing in the midst of gorgeous nature and relaxing with family and friends. A much-needed break from the everyday.

The thing is, with all the new formalities and restrictions of domestic and international air travel, I’m forced to pack all my beauty essentials for 1 week’s worth of travel in my carry-on suitcase which can get a bit tricky. And who really wants to pay an extra $25 or more to check in an extra, unnecessary bag? So here are my tips on how and what to pack regarding those skincare and beauty must-haves of yours for a short trip with only a carry-on luggage:


Consolidate your collection and take only what you need— Yes, it’s harder said than done but really think about the amount of time you will be away, the climate of your destination and the absolute daily essentials of your skincare or beauty routine. Since I know that I’ll be spending lots of time outdoors and sometimes in bright sunlight and harsh winds, my top priority for this trip is moisturizing. I’ve packed essentials that will help keep my skin hydrated, moisturized and protect from being chapped or flakey.


I’m also trying to lessen my load with unnecessary makeup bits since this family trip is more low-key and cabin-casual. Taking along multi-tasking makeup like my ILIA Illuminator stick in Sway (used as bronzer or eyeshadow), lip tints (blush or lip color) or mineral pigments (eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner or foundation). Also packing travel-size makeup brushes (I’ve sworn by this EcoTools travel brush kit for years) or retractible tools are a space saver. Otherwise, I try to bring makeup products like cream brush or cream foundation that I can apply with my fingers alone.

Use reusable containers or smaller sized products— According to the TSA, all passengers are allowed “3.4 ounce (100ml) bottle or less (by volume); 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin.” That’s not a lot of room for people with a comprehensive list of skincare and beauty essentials like me. This is when I like to go crazy with all those pesky (but lovely) vacuum sealed, paper/plastic, trial samples that I save like a hoarder from my online orders or package deals. They’re usually less than 3oz, lightweight and traveling with them also ensures you get to try new products.

samples1Decanting liquid products into small, reusable containers that are TSA approved-sizes is a great way to stay within the limit and ensure nothing spills or breaks while traveling. I usually save plastic containers from samples or trials I’ve received but you can purchase travel-sized bottles for this purpose at most drugstores. I’m very cautious when it comes to traveling with liquids because of numerous product fatalities I’ve experienced en route to Colorado. My destination is at a particularly high elevation: 6,732 ft (2,052 m) so the flight definitely experiences air pressure changes due to elevation levels. More times than not, I’ve found mini explosions of shampoo, soap or cleanser all over my toiletries bag and clothes after landing.


Packing products inside my toiletries bag within several individual plastic bags prevents future spilling incidents and makes things easier to place in screening bins when going through the x-rays. Bottom line: bring LOTS of plastic bags. An additional tip I’ve learned to prevent air pressure explosions: before packing liquids inside bottles, open caps, squeeze out any excess air then quickly screw the lids back on. You can also add plastic wrap on top of any containers for an extra layer of protection before closing or putting the lid back on.

Don’t take risks– When worse comes to worse, if you’re questioning bringing a product, it’s better to leave it home. In my experience, airport security employees’ checking process seem a bit discretionary when checking your belongings so if it’s suspicious to them, they might just make you get rid of it. My priority is always getting through security with all my belongings and on time. I’d rather not risk having to throw out a $50 facial cleanser just because the airport security officials didn’t approve. And, you can always buy products like cleanser, body soap or shampoo at your destination too.

Secondly, for me personally, traveling is all about comfort. I try to avoid bring totally new products that I still might need to time to get used to or want time to practice applying (for makeup). Bring products that are essential to your routine and that you are comfortable applying away from home. I never want to be the one stuck in the bathroom applying hours of skincare or makeup products while sacrificing vacation and family relaxation time.

endbagLastly, to me I think of vacation as a time to have fun, be with family and friends and enjoy not thinking too much about my makeup.

Hope these tips helped! Or at least revealed my crazy thought process to you…

Do you have any tips when it comes to packing beauty or skincare items? How do you travel if you’re only bringing a carry-on luggage? Let me know your thoughts!

Some helpful packing resources I’ve found online:, ExpertFlyer.comRenee Rouleau, TSA

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Beauty Chat: Kristen Arnett, International Makeup Artist and Founder of Green Beauty Team

KristenArnettbanner4.jpgInternational makeup artist and green beauty leader, Kristen Arnett was kind enough to chat with me about her experience in the world of green beauty. Check out her awesome website, Green Beauty Team and her upcoming project, an online product database: CleanPicks (sign up for more release news). As an expert in the industry, Kristen is truly an inspiration to beauties everywhere! Read on to hear some of her tips, unique beauty experiences and exciting new ventures: 

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Celebrate a Green Black Friday: Massive Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals


Happy Shopping! Make it a green Black Friday/Cyber Monday this year!

Take advantage of these great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from the best organic/natural brands below. I’ll be updating this list as often as I can! This is a great time to try some new products or gift some green beauty to friends and family. What will you be stocking up on this year?

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  • Alima Pure: Gorgeous mineral makeup, get a free Natural Definition Mascara (see my review here), limited edition Mulberry Lip Tint and a signature makeup bag for all orders $70 or more through Monday, Dec. 2nd.
  • Alba Botanica: Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal online until 12/2. Use code: ALBATHANKYOU at checkout.
  • Avalon Organics: 20% off with code AVALONTHANKS, 11/29-12/2.
  • Bdellium Tools: 40% off all Yellow Bambu Brush Sets with code: YBAMBU40 or 20% all other products online with code BLACKFRI, one coupon per transaction, ends 12/2.
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  • Zoya Nail Polish: Special 2 day deal: Get a free 12pc Dream Box + Mini Color Lock System + Free shipping with $72 purchase until 11/29 and while supplies last. Use code: DREAMBIG Cyber Monday Flash Promos: First 50 – FREE Qtica Cuticle Repair Balm + Free Shipping w/Code: FPD1FRQBm, First 50 – FREE Fall PixieDust, Cashmeres or Satins Color + Free Shipping w/Code: FPD1FRpDcs, First 1000 Buy any 3 Zoya Nail Polish Colors Get a Tinsel Time Trio Free + Free Shipping CODE: FPDx44 Follow Zoya on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for deals throughout the day, more details here

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Green Beauty Characters Tag


Thanks to Katie from The Green Product Junkie  for tagging me in this beauty tag! I love reading other bloggers’ answers to tags and this one had some fun questions. This tag was originally started by Sonja from Life in Blush.

On my nightstand you’ll find: My alarm clock, my phone, EOS lip balms I’ve been trying to finish for a while now,  L’Ocittane Shea Butter hand cream (looking for something more natural that’s just as creamy/moisturizing),  lavender essential oil and the latest stack of books I’m reading (usually 3 at one time).

The literary character I’m most like is (take this quiz and share your answer!): According to the quiz, I’m most like Juliet from Romeo and Juliet! Perhaps I’ve always been driven by my emotions and a hopeless romantic…

I’m currently obsessed with: Facial oils and facial masks/scrubs. Specifically, I’m loving May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt, S.W. Basics’ Hibiscus Mask, Pai Skincare’s Rosehip Oil and Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil.

My favorite superhero is: Hmm, Spiderman? He was really just a dorky, smart teenage kid who got bit by a radioactive spider and uses his super spidey powers for good. I always liked that he was always just being himself just with added super powers.

Favorite beauty product of 2013: I’ve probably said it too many times but, Pai Skincare Rosehip Oil. I just love it!

If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive: Probably my grandfather. He died when I was young and I wish I had known him better. There are so many stories I want to hear from his point of view.

Winter is coming, how do you prep your skin for battle? Regular exfoliation with facial masks, cleansing with facial oils and moisturizing to protect from the dry, flakey areas that are always inevitable this time of year. My favorite multi-use product for preventing dry, winter skin is One Love Organics’ Skin Savior.

My perfect date night makeup consists of: A smokey eye, volumizing mascara, defined cheeks and sultry red or berry lips. I’m always employing my Juice Beauty Lash Defining Mascara for flirty lashes, ILIA Beauty’s Illuminator in Sway for contoured cheeks and recently for lips, Kjaer Weis’ lip tint in Goddess.

My go-to-skin-beautifying snack/drink is: I drink a lot of tea daily and I think it definitely relaxes and energizes me. I’ve been trying Kombucha tea which I like and is good for the skin from its probiotic component and its many antioxidant properties. I love a good matcha tea too.

My tv boyfriend is: I’m so behind with t.v. these days but I always liked Chris Messina on The Mindy Project. He’s just so sarcastic, caring, funny and doesn’t know how hot he really is.

If my evening clutch could hold only one beauty item it would be: lipstick. Specifically loving ILIA Beauty’s Arabian Nights, a moisturizing, amazing berry lip tint.

One beauty tip I would pass on to my fictional daughter is: A little something my own mom always said to me: Never leave the house without at least a little lip color or mascara, you never know who you’re going to run into!

The most nostalgic item from my childhood is: A doll my parents gave me when I was born.

My favorite show of the moment is: I don’t watch too much t.v. but I’ve just finished all the seasons of Orange is the New Black on Netflix and I’m obsessed. The storyline and characters are so interesting and it is addicting to watch. Homeland is the most recent show I’ve started watching and I love it. Claire Danes is awesome!

My favorite quote is: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I now tag: Bailey from Bailey Blush, Asti from Skjonnhet, Brenda from The Wanderlusting Beauty, Mary from Pure Makeup and Kim from Kimberly Loc. Rules: Answer these questions, tag other bloggers and link back to my blog and Life in Blush.

Thanks for reading! Want to join in? Let me know your answers too!

W3LL People Supernatural Sessions Recap

It was a gloomy, rainy Thursday and I was having another terrible day at work and all I wanted to do was go home, climb under my sheets and wake up to a sunny Saturday morning. Fortunately, I’d bought a ticket to a beauty event at Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue that I knew I shouldn’t miss. W3LL People (read my review on their amazing foundation stick here) along with Refinery 29 and Well + Good NYC created the Supernatural Sessions, a beauty wellness series combining the very best in non-toxic skincare, beauty and hair brands while providing attendees with an exclusive chance to mingle with the brands’ founders, learn more about the benefits of natural products and to try out everything with mini makeovers.

As soon as I entered the event space, I left behind the drizzly, dismal night and was greeted with some champagne and a friendly welcome from James Walker, one of the founders of W3LL People. As more attendees arrived, I noted some other bloggers, journalists and green beauty enthusiasts in the room. We all found our seats and were introduced to the most important people in the room: James Walker and Shirley Pinkson 2 of W3LL People founders, One Love Organics founder Suzanne LeRoux and Beauty Bets blogger and OLO collaborator, Elizabeth Dehn and Mordechai Alvow, the founder of Yarok Organic Haircare. The evening’s hosts, Well + Good co-founder, Melisse Gelula and a girl from Refinery 29 launched a Q+A.

Shirley explained that the purpose of bringing these three amazing natural brands together for one event was to illustrate how skincare, makeup and haircare are complementary and that all these brands coupled together can give you great, natural results. She noted that although makeup is fun and is pretty, in the end we all need to stop heavily covering up our complexions and start at the root of the problem: our skin, in order to attain healthier, radiant faces.

Armed with a checklist of products offered by each brand, attendees visited three beauty stations to experience each brand’s specialty and the products for sale. One Love Organics featured a facial massage and cleansing using their Elizabeth Dehn collaboration skincare line (the products I’d specifically been lusting after), W3LL People had makeup artists giving mini-makeovers using all the makeup products from their line (including a sneak peek at their new mascara which will be launching soon) and Yarok Haircare styled everyone’s hair using their organic products.

I had a great time chatting beauty and skincare with Elizabeth Dehn, meeting blogger friends KatieSarita and Jackie and getting to know more organic beauty enthusiasts. It was truly a fun night of indulging in knowledge, shopping and playing with pretty products. For more recaps of the event visit Sarita’s blog here and Jackie’s blog here.

I was glad I went because I left 10 times happier than I’d been all day and on a beauty high all the way back home. Someone at the event even came up to me to tell me she recognized me and loved reading my blog! (Ah!) It’s events like these that remind me why I am passionate about educating and showing others that green beauty can be fun, luxurious and beautiful while also benefiting your health and well-being.

Some pics from the night:

henri bendel 1henri bendel 1-3 henri bendel 1-2henri bendel 2-2-2 henri bendel 2-3henri bendel 2-4henri bendel 2henri bendel 1-4

I ended up purchasing the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Active Moisture Cleansing Oil, One Love Organics’ Skin Savior and Yarok’s Leave In-Conditioner. I didn’t purchase any W3LL People products this time because I’ve been going a bit cray cray on the makeup this month and I already have the Narcissist Foundation Stick which is probably the best product ever.

More notes from the night:

  • Suzanne noted that One Love Organics products do not contain emulsifiers but rather contain more natural oils and ingredients that do not strip the skin but easily blend into, moisturize and heal the skin.
  • Elizabeth commented that she began gravitating towards more natural products as she noticed they worked better and gave more beneficial results than less natural products. This led to her amazing collaboration with Suzanne and One Love Organics which features powerful vitamins, fruit enzymes and antioxidants.
  • Mordechai asserted he noticed the biggest problem consumers have with haircare is that they don’t actually know how to apply products. Consumers apply too much and are using products with harmful ingredients. This is what led Yarok products to have obvious names so consumers will know how to apply and for what function each product is for. His one piece of essential advice for the night: don’t forget to shake your hair upside down a few minutes during the day to give hair more volume.

Can’t wait to go to my next beauty event!

Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick in Knockout and Holiday Review


Since my green beauty journey started, I’ve been lusting after makeup from the brand, Vapour Organic Beauty. Known for their top performing foundations, primers, lipstick and cheek tints, I’ve been waiting for the day I could indulge myself with some Vapour goodies. During a recent promotion, I picked up two Siren Lipsticks; one for myself and one for my mom.  If there’s one beauty habit I picked up from my mom, it’s her love of lipstick. I’d been trying to get Mom to switch to cleaner lip products since I tossed out my old lipstick. After I relentlessly told her about all the nasty things in her beloved products and the dangers in using them, she posed me with the challenge of finding a clean lipstick that performed as well as her dirty favorites. Well, let’s just say I think I’ve found a winner!

I chose the color, Knockout for my mom and for myself, Holiday, a newly released lip color. Knockout seems to be a popular color out of the vast spectrum offered by Vapour Organic Beauty and the fact that it’s a classic, rich red means it’s a necessity for every lipstick-lover. My mom loved how moisturizing and long-lasting the Siren Lipstick formula was and the color looked gorgeous on her naturally, pigmented lips. She said the initial scent was a bit fruity for her liking but noticed it faded with time (I didn’t notice much scent). In the end, I get giddy seeing her wearing the color every day and enjoying it! (I win!) She now loves wearing Knockout everyday for a versatile and bold lip color.

Note: The majority of Vapour Organic’s lip products do contain carmine though some colors formulated without the ingredient are noted on the brand’s website.


Holiday, is a sheer berry, mauve color that is perfect for the fall. I’d been searching  for a  clean lipstick to replace my  beloved Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sugar Plum. Yes, a Revlon Lip Butter. Not the cleanest product, but the color was a perfect matte, plum tint that I wore everyday and have since been searching for a clean equivalent. Vapour Organic’s Siren Lipstick in Holiday is a sheer, deep mauve-purple that have put an end to my Sugar Plum daydreams. Holiday is buildable in color, is subtle but pigmented and the formula is long-lasting and moisturizing on my lips. (Holiday looks a bit pinker in this picture.) This lip color does not contain carmine. This is now what I use everyday for a pinky-plum, my-lips-but-better color!

Siren is made with 70% Certified Organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigments and vitamins. Siren is designed to protect lips from moisture loss and environmental assault. Siren’s botanical infusion contains hydrating Myrrh, Rose Buds, healing Lemon Balm, antioxidant Pomegranate, soothing Jojoba Oil and essential fatty acid-rich Camilina Oil. Siren is a long wearing lipstick and lip conditioner in one amazing chemical free formula.

Each Siren Lipstick is $22 online at Vapour Organic Beauty. Ingredients vary slightly depending on color so check the website for more information.


Have you tried a Siren Lipstick or other lip products from Vapour Organic Beauty?

Ingredients: Organic/Bio Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Organic/Bio Cera Alba (Beeswax), Organic/Bio Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Essential Oils & Natural Fruit Essences, Camelina Sativa Oil, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Organic/Bio Punica Granatum (Pomegranate Oil), Organic/Bio Rosa Damascena (Rose) Buds, Organic/Bio Melissa Officinalis (Lemon Balm), Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh)*,  Stevia Rebaudiana (Stevia) Leaf Extract  [+/-: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, 77492, 77499), Mica (CI 77019), Carmine (CI 75470)]
*Wildcrafted  Net weight: 0.11oz/3.11g

*I purchased these products and this review is based on my honest opinion. (And my mom’s!)

Green Gifting: Organic Beauty Talk Opens Curated Holiday Shop


Organic Beauty Talk has launched a curated holiday online shop today!

As a trusted organic beauty resource, Organic Beauty Talk is a favorite blog of mine and you can be sure to expect only the best in organic products at this new shop. OBT’s founder, Brandie has hand-selected the shop’s offerings pulling from her extensive knowledge and experience in organic products.

This new shop is a perfect place to start if you’re looking to purchase trusted, effective organic products and need a bit of guidance. It’ll also be a great resource for stress-free, green holiday gift giving!

Every product found at the shop is also hand-crafted, high-performing and made in the USA. Shop from favorites and discover new brands like Vapour Organic Beauty, May Lindstrom, Alima Pure, Osmia Organics, Indie Lee, S.W. Basics, Marble & Milkweed, Kari Gran and many more. I’m so excited to see OBT-approved brands all on one site!

Get your shop on now! The OBT holiday shop is open for a limited time until January, 6, 2014. Shop online here.

Also, check out my OBT interview here 🙂

Try Beauty Products Virtually with GlamST

Every Friday after elementary school I couldn’t wait to get home, boot up my family’s good ol’ PC and get lost in a drawer-full of computer games. (Yes, besides being a bookwarm, I was that kind of kid.) One of my favorite games featured a virtual fashion wardrobe (a-la-Cher’s closet from Clueless) where you could pick out a whole outfit and digitally try it on an uploaded picture of yourself or a digital model. I mean, it was the 90s so this semi-worked/sort of looked real but nonetheless it provided me with many gleeful hours of childhood fashion delight.

It’s such a simple concept– the virtual try-on, yet something so beloved in my memory especially because it sent my imagination (and imaginary wishlist) soaring.

Here’s a 21st-century beauty twist on the virtual makeover: GlamST.

Read More Here