Seeking Serenity With Soul Sunday

Soul Sunday 1

Until recently I wasn’t really much of a fragrance-obsessed girl and truthfully, I wasn’t all that into aromatherapy either. I’ve always had a sensitive nose with very particular scent preferences and cleaning up my skincare and beauty routine has only heightened my sensitivity to fragrances. But dipping my toes in the eco-luxe fragrance world has really opened the floodgates to my new scent-loving tendencies. And aromatherapy, that’s a whole other beast I’m easing into now too.

Enter Soul Sunday, a handcrafted brand made in the USA which melds the best of two worlds: beautiful, minimalist design and effective, natural essential oil-based formulas. I’ve been obsessing over this small-batch apothecary goods brand and their standout aromatherapy blends are my current addiction.

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Smell Beautiful, Save a Life: Pour le Monde Perfumes


I’ve been on quite a natural fragrance kick this year and have discovered some products that really put my beloved toxic scents to shame. What is better than a gorgeously designed, beautifully-smelling, all-natural perfume? One that also gives back. Pour le Monde which means “For the World” in French, creates 100% natural, luxurious fragrances and each perfume benefits a special charity. 

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Beauty Chat: Christina Siau, Founder of Christy Organics


For Christina Siau, creating and seeking out satisfying, beautiful scents is something that’s in her genes. Coming from a family with three generations of herbalists and natural medicine practitioners, it’s easy to see how Siau came to create her lovely natural perfume line, Christy Organics. Using locally-sourced, organic and naturally-derived ingredients for her perfumes, Christina handcrafts these proprietary formulated scents using her creativity and extensive knowledge as a perfumer. If you haven’t already heard, I’m in love with Christy Organics perfumes! (Full review here). Read on to hear more about Christina, her inspiring business story, and her current green beauty obsessions:

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Scents That Transcend: Christy Organics Natural Perfumes + Giveaway


I’m officially declaring my natural perfume rut as OVER. Done and DONE! When Christina Siau founder of Melbourne-based, Christy Organics reached out to me to introduce her handcrafted and natural perfumes line, I was more than intrigued. I was still riding on the success of finding a semi-natural and clean perfume from Lavanila Labs and was very willing to see if other natural fragrance products could keep me on this beauty high. Let me just say, my expectations have been exceeded. As I’ve said, I’ll take a spray perfume over a roller-ball or oil any day but with Christy Organics natural perfumes, I’m making a huge exception to the rule. Now, I can’t go anywhere without these amazing, handcrafted scents and that’s the truth. 

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A Natural Fragrance Stepping Stone: Lavanila Vanilla-Grapefruit Perfume

I’ll admit it, I’ve been in a natural perfume rut for a while. I still hold preference to my fancy, convenient, chemical-ridden fragrances over so-called “green” ones. I’ve been using most of the leftovers from my not-so-healthy perfume collection (which was actually not a lot anyway) but have been slowly transitioning to more natural options. My problem with natural fragrances is that my nose tends to wrinkle and reject those seriously hippie, overly “herb-y” scents that so many of the greener options I explored seemed to consist of. I was also getting really tired of ordering organic or natural perfumes I thought I’d like only to hate them and collect dust on my dresser. (And yes, I did try out samples too.)

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