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Out of many things that irritate me on a normal basis, one of my biggest pet peeves is when cashiers automatically assume I’d like a plastic bag with my purchase. The scene of the crime is usually at the grocery store and more often than not, I either have to stop everything and re-pack my items into reusable bags I brought with me, or stomp off with a handful of plastic bags feeling defeated and upset.

I’ll admit, as a busy woman on-the-go it’s easy to forget  to take my reusable tote bags everywhere with me and let’s face it, hard to find bags that aren’t dorky-looking nor require extra space. That’s where Bag The Habit comes in, with beautiful, ergonomic, and convenient reusable bags made from 100% eco-friendly fabrics.

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Here are some simple facts about plastic bags**:
~Over 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year worldwide.
~About 2 million plastic bags are used every minute around the world.
~Plastic bags are the second most common type of debris found in the ocean.
~Plastic accounts for around 10% of the total waste we generate.
~It takes about 500 to 1,000 years for plastic to degrade.
~Plastic bags are the second most common type of debris found in the ocean.
{More interesting facts about why to use reusable bags on Bag the Habit’s page here.}

In a society that values extreme convenience and consumption, we’ve all contributed to these scary statistics without much thought but there are simple ways you can curtail these habits and influence others to do the same.

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Bag the Habit creates reusable shopping solutions with many options that transcend the average grocery tote and encourage sustainable practices. Bag the Habit products also truly make life more convenient, with a bag for almost every situation and durable, easy to clean materials; most products being machine washable.

I tried out the Luxe Tote and the Reusable Produce Bag (set of 4) and here are my thoughts:

Bag the Habit Luxe ToteLuxe Tote* (in the color, Snow): As someone who’s not really a fan of grocery shopping, (I do enjoy eating though) I like to making my shopping trips easy, quick, and one-stop visits. Sometimes that means I’ll come back with a huge food haul so that I won’t have to return to stores for a while. I love how lightweight yet sturdy the Luxe Tote is. Measuring 12″W x 15″H and the ability to hold up to 45 lbs (that’s the weight of about 3 plastic bags!) the Luxe Tote is every shopper’s dream bag. Bag the Habit calls this their “deluxe” size reusable bag. Can you just see how much I’ve fit in my Luxe Tote for these pictures? There’s even some room to spare!Bag the Habit Luxe Tote carry

I also enjoy using the Luxe Tote mainly because of the comfy padded neoprene handles which eliminate any back and shoulder pain I used to experience when carrying heavy items in flimsy bags. Like all of Bag the Habit’s products, the Luxe Tote is also made in the USA from 100% eco-textiles which, for this bag is certified recycled polyester. The Luxe Tote neatly folds up into a flat 5″W x 6″H elasticized pouch that you can slip into any purse or bag and take along with you effortlessly.

Bag the Habit Luxe Tote 2  Bag the Habit Luxe Tote handles

Whether you’re picking up some groceries, buying clothes, or need to whip out a bag for last-minute shopping trips, the Luxe Tote is a convenient, stylish bag that gets the job done.
$20 available in 5 colors, For the ultimate convenience and at a better discount, purchase the Market Set which includes 5 Luxe Totes in a zippered wristlet pouch for only $42.


Bag the Habit Produce BagsReusable Produce Bag* (set of 4, in the color Stem Green): I admit it; I’m a sucker for using those plastic bags you get at the grocery store to hold your vegetables and to keep them separated while you shop. I’d never seen any other attractive alternatives to my beloved plastic bags until I laid eyes on Bag the Habit’s Reusable Produce Bags. Not only do these bags look pretty chic, as far as food-shopping-chic goes that is, I love that each bag has a secure drawstring closure, so you can be sure there’ll be no accidents in the aisles.

The fabric is durable and lightweight while the small netted texture is great for moist produce items and to letting veggies or fruits breathe. I’m always surprised by how much I can fit into these produce bags, there’s quite a lot of space with each bag measuring 12″W x 15″H. I also get a lot of comments when I carry these bags around and everyone wants to know where to get them. No one can ignore how much cooler these are than those drab and harmful plastic produce bags!

Bag the Habit Produce Bag

The Reusable Produce Bags come in a set of 4, so you have a ton of options to carry whatever fresh veggies and fruits you fancy, and these 4 bags all fold neatly into 1 drawstring carry pouch which is a mere 5″W x 6″H. The Produce Bags are also made from REPREVE® Recycled Polyester (100% certified recycled polyester from consumer and industrial waste) though Bag the Habit specifies that these are made in Shanghai, China.
$19.99 for a set of 4 and available in 3 colors,

Bag the Habit is offering Plein Vanity readers a special deal for $4 off every Luxe Tote purchase! Use code: PLEINVANITY at checkout. You definitely need to try these totes out, I promise you’ll never want to use any other kind of reusable bag again! 

I’m definitely eyeing the cute Reusable Gift Bags to wrap holiday presents with this year and the Key Hook Tote might just be the next thing I need for my purse.

Have you tried any products from Bag the Habit? What kinds of tricks or products do you use to shop more sustainably?


Header image source: Bag the HabitLuxe Tote arm model: thanks, Mom!

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