SAYA Designs: Turning Heads For All the Right Reasons

Every new year I resolve to be a bit better about taking time and putting some effort into my daily beauty routine. Managing to switch up my daily hair styles is part of this, yet always feels the most frustrating to me. This year I’ve decided to take small, meaningful steps to discover hair products and tools that work for me and not stress over my lack of hair styling skills.

In search of products to inspire my newfound hair goals, the beautiful, consciously-made hair pins made by SAYA Designs immediately caught my eye and provided me with inspiration to get creative with everyday hair styles.

Each SAYA hair pin, stick, or comb is hand-cut and carved by Balinese artists, using root salvaged from old plantations in Indonesia. For every product purchased, SAYA will buy and plant trees on your behalf through GAIA, an organization that works across Indonesia supplying seeds, and training farmers and communities to support their ecosystems.

 Photo credit: SAYA Designs

The twelve different SAYA designs reflect inspiration from nature and South Asian cultures  in their color, shape, and names. Some of the designs allow for selecting different wood types (such as rosewood, teak, or tamarind), while the brand also provides tons of in-depth information such as the story behind each design, what hair types are suitable for each design, specific materials used, and the varying environmental impact of each design (trees planted, CO2 savings per year, and oxygen generated per year).

Hair sticks are incredibly easy to use and, unlike plastic and elastic alternatives, help to reduce breakage and damage to healthy hair. The wood holds the natural oils in your hair making it a much healthier alternative.

The effortless simplicity and naturally beautiful designs of every SAYA piece provides wearable art, that could be dressed up or down. These thoughtful pieces are suitable for anyone wanting to amp up their hair game without taking much added time or effort. Each hair stick arrives in recycled packaging made from papaya pulp, with a protective fabric sleeve to keep it safe when traveling.

Photo credit: SAYA Designs

I was honored to receive The Banana Leaf hair stick to review. The simplicity of the design and the beautiful wood construction makes this hair pin elegant, yet easily wearable no matter the occasion. I adore the hair pin’s unique appearance and beautiful, light wood grain contrast against my hair.

The Banana Leaf has a slender curved shape, that allows it to be suitable for those with thinner hair types. This shape is inspired by the banana leaf plants prevalent in South East Asia, from which leaves are used symbolically and functionally in many Balinese Hindu ceremonies.

I’m still experimenting with my favorite ways to style my hair using this hair pin.  I do sometimes use a hair tie to hold my hair up first before putting the hair pin in, as this method provides a better hold on my fine, shorter hair. Overall, I really enjoy this beautiful hair piece and absolutely love knowing the good it does for my hair (less breakage and use of wood retains hair’s natural oils), as well as the good it is doing to give back to the environment and the local communities in South Asia.

Find out more about SAYA Designs and explore the entire collection through the website. Purchase The Banana Leaf hair pin ($24) here.

Which SAYA Designs hair piece is your favorite? Have you tried any sustainable or alternative hair pieces?

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