Kick the Nasties to the Curb with Healthy Swaps at Credo Beauty

To be honest, switching out my conventional beauty and skincare products was a much more difficult and time-consuming task than I’d thought it could be. Sure, I enjoyed researching and learning more about ingredients, chemistry, and the body but sometimes I’d just ache for a website or someone to tell me everything I needed to know instantly. It can be stressful doing it all on your own.

With all the green beauty options out there now, it can be pleasantly overwhelming and confusing. Credo Beauty has an ingenious page on their website called “Healthy Swaps” which simply and expertly displays clean beauty product alternatives to swap out your dirty products with. 

I love that the Healthy Swaps page is image-heavy because for a visual person like me, that’s a plus and it more obviously shows that clean beauty products are not so different aesthetically as their dirty counterparts. (In fact, they’re way prettier! And less wasteful design-wise.) Select a product by category: “Lipstick & Gloss”, “Blush”, “Skincare”, “Hair”, “Foundation & Concealer” or view all to simply reveal what popular dirty products and brands can be swapped out for cleaner beauty products offered at Credo Beauty.

Credo Beauty Healthy Swaps
Though the “Healthy Swaps” page is still expanding, I like that Credo Beauty selected many popular dirty brands and their healthy alternatives. Nars, MAC, Clinique, Cetaphil and L’Occitane were all brands that I used to love. I know I’ve found way more effective products with endless benefits in the clean swaps I’ve made. ILIA, One Love Organics, Laurel Whole Plant OrganicsOsmia Organics, and W3LL People are now some of my all-times faves I’ll never turn away from.

Don’t see a brand that you’re looking for an alternative for? You can submit a brand and/or product name and Credo Beauty will email you with a suggested, cleaner alternative.

Credo Beauty Healthy Swaps 2 Credo Beauty Healthy Swaps 3 Credo Beauty Healthy Swaps 4 Credo Beauty Healthy Swaps 5 Credo Beauty Healthy Swaps 6

Now anyone can easily and quickly find the perfect swap from the green beauty experts at Credo. Even seasoned green beauties (perhaps, moi?) can use this page to their advantage to discover more great brands to replace old dirty favorites. Credo Beauty has so many new brands I’m dying to find out more about: Cocovit, De Mamiel, Hana Organic Skincare, Kypris, Reverie, and Studio 78 Paris are among many on my list!

Plus, everything suggested on “Healty Swaps” is all available to purchase on Credo Beauty’s site. All you have to do is hit “Buy”. The only catch is, you’ve got to test them for yourself! I think that part is kind of simple for any curious product junkie.

To see the complete Swap suggestions, head over to Credo Beauty’s Healthy Swaps page! Read more about Credo Beauty in my interview with the founder, Shashi Batra here.

I love that we are helping one another to live cleaner through initiatives like this.

Have you visited Credo Beauty’s Healthy Swaps page? What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite dirty-to-clean product swap?


*Photos from Credo Beauty

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