Not Too Many Things A Hot Bath Won’t Cure | Goodbeing Box October 2017

You may not see many subscription box reviews on this blog, and that’s because I never really jumped on that bandwagon. I think it’s a great concept, but for my mindset and lifestyle (and the amount of products I accumulate on my own as it is,) I’ve just never felt the desire to commit to subscription boxes. However, I was sent a Goodbeing* box for October (see my past Goodbeing reviews here) and since a lot has changed with this subscription service, I figured it’d be a useful review to write. Read on to see what’s new with Goodbeing and what makes this subscription box stand apart from the rest.

Not too long ago, Goodbeing expanded their scope from solely natural and organic beauty boxes to including wellness and lifestyle products. Now you can choose from a solely “Beauty” box, or a “Lifestyle” box, which promises a “perfect combo of beauty, wellness & lifestyle” products. Either box still costs the same price either on a monthly or pay-as-you-go subscription (check out the affordable price options here). I’ve actually always thought Goodbeing had a great variety of both beauty and some lifestyle products, but I do like the new, clearer box selection options. Since I’m interested in wellness and lifestyle products, I was excited to try out the “Lifestyle” Goodbeing box.

Another new thing I like: you can choose certain products in your monthly box! Before each box ships, Goodbeing will send you an email where you select 1-2 products that will be in your monthly box. More subscription boxes are letting subscribers customize their boxes, and I really like that Goodbeing is providing this option now too. For someone like me, I like having the option to have at least 1 or 2 products that I know I’ll actually want to try or use. Additionally, in your monthly box Goodbeing includes cards with product descriptions and discount codes. The product cards are still included but now there’s also a nice monthly card with an thematic/inspirational quote and “Member Only Special Offers”, which is chock full of discount codes, and are not just for the brands that you receive in your monthly box. Pretty sweet!

Anyway, let’s get on to the box I received for October:

This month, I enjoyed the quote included from Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar: “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” (A beautifull written, yet depressing book that I loved reading in high school, I digress.) The contents of my October box seemed to be the perfect fall comfort products and came at just the right time!

I chose two products that went into my box this month: Blissoma’s Flawless Equalizing Anti-Blemish Oil Serum and the reBloom Natural Sleep Drink. Two products I was curious about and enjoyed using.

The Blissoma Flawless Equalizing Anti-Blemish Oil (deluxe sample) contains 8 active ingredients and utilizes a 100% natural plant oil recipe to reduce redness, irritation, sensitivities, and clogged pores. It can also be applied direction on blemishes for spot treatment. I was excited to try this facial oil out as soon as I received my Goodbeing box and in the short time I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed a smoother texture, as well as less redness on my face. The Anti-Blemish Oil is very hydrating and nourishing on skin, it’s even nice to use alone as a moisturizer. I prefer using this product as an all-over serum rather than a spot treatment. It has a stronger, herbal scent than most serums but it doesn’t bother me too much. I liked this serum and think it was a great product to try out. (Value: $48)

I was interested in the reBloom Natural Sleep Drink (full size) because lately I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night and waking up most mornings. I was curious about this product, not because I saw it as a complete remedy to my sleep issues, but as an additional aid in promoting better sleep habits for myself. The reBloom Natural Sleep Drink is described as a “all-natural, non-habit forming sleep drink that helps you fall asleep and leaves you feeling rested and refreshed in the morning without dysania.” (Dysania is the term used to describe when one has trouble getting out of bed in the morning.) The drink contains reBloom’s unique proprietary formula featuring all-natural, mood-boosting, relaxation-promoting, sleep-perfecting ingredients such as, melatonin, L-Theanine, lavender, chamomile, and valerian. Each drink comes in a 2.5 fl oz bottle, that you drink 30 minutes prior to bedtime. The drink was smaller than I thought and not as terrible tasting either. It tasted like a semi-sweet herbal tea, but nothing too flavorful. It has taken me about an hour or more to feel tired some nights and to fall asleep, mainly due to such an annoying schedule lately: a full day of work in the daytime, grad school class in the evenings, and finishing school work late into the evenings or in the mornings. Sometimes I just feel so exhausted, that I can’t fall asleep. After trying reBloom, I started feeling tired earlier than normal. Perhaps about 40 minutes after drink reBloom, I felt sleepy enough to climb into bed and fell asleep shortly after. I would be curious to see how my sleeping patterns would change if I drank these teas on a normal basis, but I was surprised to witness the effect after this first experience. I would definitely be interested in trying this again! (Value: $4 per bottle, $28 for a one-time 7-pack order.)

Afterspa Sleep Mask (full size): I have been meaning to buy myself a good sleep mask, because I do find it easier to fall asleep when my room is darker. I was pleased to find this sleep mask in my box, however I was a bit disappointed in receiving the boring black version. Aside from the color, this sleep mask was nice to use as it has an adjustable strap to fit all size heads, and is specially designed for “total blackout for restfull sleep”. The adjustable strap was helpful is allowing the mask to fit snuggly against my head and for the coverings over my eyes to fit ensuring full darkness over my eyes and the tiny spaces between my nose. No light goes through this mask! I’m not used to wearing a sleep mask to bed, so after a few nights I seemed to always throw off the mask, and would find it next to my pillow or on the floor the next morning. However, wearing this mask did help me fall asleep quicker. Out of all the products in my Goodbeing Box, I was most confused about this sleep mask as the label says it is made in China (designed in Los Angeles) from 100% Polyester, nylon, and Polyurethan foam though Goodbeing claims it’s “eco”. I figured maybe it would be made in the USA or from responsible or natural materials? Still a bit puzzled but a nice addition to the box’s theme, I suppose. (Value: $12)

Orglamix Heliotrope Lip + Cheek Gelee (full size): I’ve received another Orglamix product in a past Goodbeing box and for a natural indie beauty brand, the products are quite impressive. The Heliotrop Lip + Cheek Gelee that I received in this box is really pretty and a wearable dusty rose color with flecks of shimmer. I really liked how bronze-y the shade looked in the pot and when applied on the skin. This cream mineral product is very hydrating and was not irritating on my sensitive skin when applied to my cheeks. The product’s pigmentation was very impressive and easy to build-up on the skin. I preferred wearing this on my cheeks rather than on my lips, though I could see wearing it as both a lip and cheek product. Overall, really pleased with this product. (Value: $18)

Plaine Products Body Wash (travel size): I’ve admired this brand on social media but never tried anything from it. Plaine Products is a hair care and body care brand that has a cool concept: all-natural products in reusable, aluminum packaging that you can pay for a refill subscription and send back the original packaging to be refilled! Not only do I love the simplistic and sleek packaging of Plaine Products, I love this reuse and refill concept. I received the Rosemary-Mint-Vanilla Body Wash in my Goodbeing box and really enjoyed it. I don’t regularly use body wash (I prefer bar soaps) yet this body wash not only smelled heavenly (a soothing, minty freshness), it felt nourishing and hydrating. I would really love to try other Plaine Products, especially the Shampoo and Body Lotion. (Value: $5 for travel size)

Overall, I was really excited for this box and I actually used and enjoyed everything I received! The improvements Goodbeing has made to the customization and subscriber preferences really seems to be showing. I look forward to trying future boxes!

Do you subscribe to Goodbeing? What did you think of the October box? Become a Goodbeing subscriber here and get a free bonus item!

*As a Goodbeing ambassador, this box were sent to me for consideration. All words and opinions are my own, for more info please see my product disclosure page. Post contains some affiliate links.

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