A Reminder of Self-Care | Goodbeing Box December 2017

Another catch-up on my Goodbeing subscription! December went by so quickly, I completed my graduate school studies (phew!) and then was traveling a lot for the holidays. The December Goodbeing box I received was a lovely mix of products for the season.

I loved opening this box, because there were a ton of brands I hadn’t tried and a great variety of skincare, makeup, and wellness/lifestyle products. There were a ton of interesting goodies in this one!

Good Medicine Beauty Lab Honey Bee Blossoming Revelation Mask Honey Bee (sample size): I’ve tried other samples from this brand, which I have liked but not loved, probably due to the very strong, herbal fragrances. However, I do LOVE masks that contain honey in them so I was very excited to see this product. This Honey Bee mask is very moisturizing, easy to apply and remove, and gently treats skin instantly. The fresh, wildcrafted ingredients are also lovely, featuring wild desert honey blends with age-defying essential oils. Honey masks are great because they provide gentle, anti-bacterial treatment on the skin—as well as smoothing fine lines, evening out skin tone, softening and hydrating skin. I enjoyed using the Honey Bee mask and would definitely use it again, the scent was very pleasing and not too strong, unlike a lot of the other products I have used from Good Medicine. (Sample value: $16)

Jivi Moisturizer with Sun Protection in Lavender scent (full size): I was also very pleased to find this SPF moisturizer in my box, as it seems like a good, daily SPF moisturizer is a rare find in the green beauty world, especially at affordable prices. Jivi boasts that their ingredients are 100% natural and edible, preservative-free, and made in the U.S.A. Plus, this moisturizer features zinc oxide and micro algae to block out UV radiation. I really liked that this moisturizer  is not only lightweight and easily blendable, it is also very nourishing on my dry skin thanks to hydrating ingredients like aloe and shea butter. The moisturizer appears gray-ish colored when pumped out, which was a bit off-putting, (maybe due to the algae?) but as you rub in the product, the color instantly disappears. The scent is also not my favorite, I don’t normally like lavender-scented skincare, but the scent isn’t too strong where it hinders the product. I have been using this as my current SPF moisturizer during the day (my usual go-to is the Suntegrity SPF) and I am really enjoying it. The packaging is light and great for traveling—I love the airless bottle design. The branding does reminds me of teenage skincare products, which isn’t a bad thing, just that the branding is a bit more quirky and cute than anything else I use. I love that the company’s mission provides healthy, affordable skincare, and for each bottle of skincare sold, they donate a meal to someone in need. Jivi also sells acne and eczema treatments, which I’m curious about since I have lots of friends constantly asking about affordable skin treatment recommendations. (Value: $12)

Jivi Exfoliating Face Wash in Lemongrass (sample size): I hardly ever receive samples of cleansers with purchases or in subscription boxes, and I wish more brands would include them! This Exfoliating Face Wash was very nice and effective, but I really despised the smell, it didn’t smell like lemongrass at all (normally a scent I love). I definitely liked the gentle yet deeply cleansing effect from the papaya and pineapple extracts, which serve as the cleanser’s exfoliant. The simple, natural ingredient list is also a nice plus. I would definitely be interested in trying more from Jivi. (Sample value: $1.20)

Elate Cosmetics Liquid EyeLine in Joy (full size): What a perfect makeup product for the holidays! I was very intrigued by Elate’s wooden makeup packaging (I’ve seen the brand on social media but have not tried anything before) and this beautiful gold eyeliner seemed perfect to try, especially for New Year celebrations. Elate boasts simple, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, in this water-resistant formula. The Liquid EyeLine shade, Joy is described as a shimmering opaque gold, yet  not annoyingly sparkly (score!). The slim, pointed liner brush is the perfect shape and size to get an exact, straight line or cat-eye flick.

The formula is very pigmented, very buildable, and lasts quite a few hours (about 4-5 for me). The liner does not feel dry or flakey, rather, it is quite creamy (though doesn’t instantly smudge) and moisturizing. Personally, I need to use a darker eyeshadow or base color to use with this liner as the gold shade leans a bit yellow and light, which does not show up well on my skin alone. Really love this liner for a pop of unique color! (Value: $25)

Esthechoc Chocolate (sample size, 3 bars): These chocolate bars were quite intriguing, with claims to be “the world’s first clinically proven, anti-aging, beauty chocolate”. With a full pack of Esthechoc, the concept is to eat one piece per day, as the dark chocolate is viewed as a skincare supplement with claims to increase “microcirculation, cellular turnover, and improves overall skin function” through featured ingredients, coco polyphenols and a plant-based algae, astaxathin. With continued use, “one piece of esthechoc per day has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, minimize or eliminate acne, and smooth skin tone, while also addressing other skin concerns such as dryness, rosacea and discoloration.” The chocolate didn’t taste too bad, but also did not taste like normal chocolate (my sensitive taste buds?), but it is a fun concept to think that chocolate could be a positive skincare supplement! The 3 bars included in my Goodbeing box didn’t seem like enough to see much difference in my skin, and I don’t know if I’d really want to  commit to this kind of supplement. I am curious to see if anyone has seen positive results. (Value: $7.85)

Fred and Far Greeting Card and Trillion Pin: I’ve seen this brand on social media before and thought the concept behind the brand was very interesting: Fred and Far creates products that empower women through reminders of self-love and self-care. The brand is known for their Self Love Pinky Ring, a ring in the shape of an inverted triangle (also their logo), an ancient symbol of the divine feminine, and a twist on the wedding engagement ring: a reminder of self-commitment. The ring encourages women to “make a pinky promise to choose yourself, honor yourself, and remember yourself on a daily basis.” I love the idea of a daily reminder of self-love. The Trillion Pin is not only unique and cute, but something that I’ve put on my work backpack, a little something I see everyday through all the positive and rough hours at work that provides me with a fun mental reminder to be positive and loving towards myself daily. The “That’s What I Love” greeting card is a simple graphic representation of a beautiful message that is nice to keep as motivating artwork, or send to someone in need of some encouragement. These pieces were fun, little goodies to receive in this box! (Value: 1 card: $6, 1 pin: $6)

Overall, this box was a delightful mix of product types and tons of interesting brands. I really loved everything I received here, and each one fit the holiday theme nicely.

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*As a Goodbeing ambassador, this box were sent to me for consideration. All words and opinions are my own, for more info please see my product disclosure page. Post contains some affiliate links.

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