hello, again


I know it’s been a couple months since a new blog post but sometimes life just gets in the way. It’s been especially tough to come back from the most beautiful wedding ever and an amazingly blissful 2-week honeymoon in Italy to sit down and get straight back into blogger mood. But if there’s anything I’ve learned recently, it’s to follow where my heart is, take a deep breath, bring my concerns to God, and to relax a bit more.

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A Case of “Blogger’s Block”


I don’t know if you’ve felt the momentum of my blog posts teetering off, but in all honestly, I’m going through a bit of “blogger’s block”. Don’t get me wrong, I still love blogging and discovering green beauty products, but I’ve just been feeling a major void in my motivation to write blog posts. Some days, I’ll type up full blog posts but never post them. I have memory cards full of photos I’ve taken only to never edit them and eventually, delete them all. While other days, I can’t even look at my laptop.

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when the only place to move is forward…


there’s no doubt there has been a lot of movement in my life recently. an upcoming wedding, a burgeoning blog, a full-time job, going back to school, friendships, faith, inner discovery– all the usual things. for a while, i’ve been feeling like my plate has been way too full and i’m constantly trying to keep up.

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gone to the beach…

hola! i’m in mexico for the week because i really really really needed a break.

there is so much going on in my life right now and i really needed time to decompress and just relax. i apologize if you haven’t heard back from me or are waiting for my response on something, i’ll get back to you as soon as i have a moment to destress. 

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Featured on Lucky Magazine!


Lucky Magazine Feature

It was my birthday last Sunday and I had a relaxing day with friends and family but to top it all off, on Monday I discovered something quite exciting. As usual, I was scrolling through blog and magazine articles online to start off my day and I came across a Lucky Magazine article, “10 Under-The-Radar Beauty Blogs You Need To Be Reading”. Curious to see what blogs were featured, I clicked on the article and casually thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if they featured my blog?”

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taking a look back, to take a step forward

i feel as though life lately has been one huge “fast forward” and even though the day-to-day mundane can get me down sometimes, more often i find myself taking moments to appreciate the past year and really being thankful. this year has been crazy, enlightening, stressful, good, not-so-good.

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Vain Pursuits: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at an Organic Skincare Company

Screenshot 2015-01-10 at 11.31.23 AMI’m finally taking a break for vacation this week (woohoo!) but Audrey from Vain Pursuits joins us today for a special guest post. (woohoo again!) Vain Pursuits is a Montreal-based natural skincare company that provides custom-made products tailored to your specific skincare needs. Ever wonder what it’s like to work for a natural skincare company? Audrey, the head of Vain Pursuits’ Customer Service & Marketing, is  going to give us a special peek behind the scenes:

For many of us, finding the perfect natural skincare can feel like a full-time job. And for a select few of us, it actually is! My name’s Audrey, and for the last year, I’ve been working at an organic skincare line in Montreal, Canada called Vain Pursuits. Every day, we make it our goal to fix customer’s skin issues so they can finally quit the tedious trial-and-error process for good. Our company’s philosophy is all about “skincare made for you.” That’s not just some cutesy promise – we actually create unique skincare formulas for each and every customer! All our ingredients are organic, cruelty-free, and locally sourced whenever possible.

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My Favorite Blog Posts of 2014!


Happy New Year! 2014 was a great year but I’m excited for 2015! I’ve got all sorts of plans and ideas for Plein Vanity in the new year. Thank you for reading and for all your support, I am can’t believe how much my blog has evolved since it’s humble beginnings. Since I compiled the posts you all loved last year, this year I’m picking my favorite blog posts from 2014:

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Beauty Chat: Christina Siau, Founder of Christy Organics


For Christina Siau, creating and seeking out satisfying, beautiful scents is something that’s in her genes. Coming from a family with three generations of herbalists and natural medicine practitioners, it’s easy to see how Siau came to create her lovely natural perfume line, Christy Organics. Using locally-sourced, organic and naturally-derived ingredients for her perfumes, Christina handcrafts these proprietary formulated scents using her creativity and extensive knowledge as a perfumer. If you haven’t already heard, I’m in love with Christy Organics perfumes! (Full review here). Read on to hear more about Christina, her inspiring business story, and her current green beauty obsessions:

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Grandt Mason: Upcycled Vegan Shoes, Ethically Made in South Africa

I was very excited to interview Grandt Mason, the founder of what may be the coolest (and first ever, as far as I’m aware of) ethically-made vegan footwear brand, Grandt Mason Originals. Straight out of Cape Town in South Africa, these shoes have so many awesome features that highlight comfort and sustainability while minimizing harmful effects on the environment. Mason spoke with me about the story behind his brand and how he hopes Grandt Mason Originals will be a solution to mass-produced products and a way to reinvigorate artisan skills as well as ethical, consumer choices. I’m hoping these will be available in the U.S. soon otherwise, the Grandt Mason factory is one more stop on my dream trip to Cape Town! 

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