A Fresh Look for Any Summer Event

Fresh Summer

Summer is officially here and it’s heating up! I like to keep things simple as the weather gets warmer, so simple, neutral makeup are the base of my beauty routine. Stay cool and make a splash at any summer event in a light, flowing dress paired with  nude espadrilles, large sunglasses, wrap bracelets and a brightly, colored crossover bag.

When it’s hot outside, I tend to simplify my makeup routine so products like the ILIA Beauty Multi-Task Stick, which can be worn as a blush, lip tint or eyeshadow, are top on my summer makeup list. A moisturizing concealer is a must when I dont want to wear much on my face and the 100% Pure Cosmetics Fruit Pigmented Concealer is not only made from super fruits that are good for your skin but it also includes SPF 20 to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Looking forward to kicking off the summer with more July fourth celebrations this weekend!

What are some products you love to use as we enter the summer season?

NVEY ECO Now Available at Ulta.com!

Yes, you saw right! Products from the well-known organic cosmetics brand, NVEY ECO are now available to purchase on Ulta.com. Known for their high-performance, professional quality of cosmetics manufactured in Austrailia, NVEY ECO products range from pressed eyeshadow, cream foundation and nourishing lipstick. Products are all formulated without parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic frangrances or any other harmful ingredients and not tested on animals. Lauded by a variety of blogs I frequent, these products are an exciting addition to Ulta that surely beefs up the quality of their current organic offerings.
I love that NVEY ECO has a good range of colors for eyeshadow, blush, lip products and foundation and the pigmentation looks wonderful.

I’ve been wanting to try some NVEY ECO products for some time and have been lusting over the eyeshadow specifically because of the nice range of colors and also the option to buy refills (offered only on the NVEY ECO website) that could be easily added to palettes like the Z-palette.

Here are the NVEY ECO products I’m eager to try from Ulta.com: Pressed eyeshadow in Mojito, Shroom, or Topaz, Powder Blush, and Advanced Care Lip Color lipsticks in Pink Lemonade or Fondness. Plus, right now if you purchase any NVEY ECO products on Ulta.com you’ll receive a travel size Amour Rose Lip Lustre with your order. Score!


It’s great that Ulta, a  more accessible beauty store, is offering more organic brands like NVEY ECO since previously few other online retailers sell them. Here’s to hoping NVEY ECO will also soon be available in Ulta retail stores!

Are you lusting over any NVEY ECO products? Let me know in the comments!

Images from Ulta.com

A New Journey

After being swept into a job located along the confines of New York City’s fashionable and luxurious Upper East Side, specifically, on Fifth Avenue, I became obsessed with beauty and makeup as I was influenced by the most attractive and put together women that I rubbed shoulders with at work. Caring about my looks wasn’t all in vain attempts but became an interest and hobby of mine because I thought of makeup as a form of art and expression. It wasn’t long until I was lurching in Sephora stores or at beauty counters to try and buy the latest “hot” makeup products. My makeup binges were fueled by the smart marketing and advertising schemes from all the well-known cosmetics companies for which I had to try. All without thinking about the ingredients of these products.

I have always had sensitive skin, but it seemed the makeup I was using was making my face worse. After unsatisfying visits to my dermatologist, I became interested in learning about what was really in my makeup and began researching and reading thousands of blogs, scholarly articles and books regarding cosmetics ingredients. After reading the natural beauty bestseller, No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics by journalists and beauty enthusiasts, Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, I was encouraged to make the switch to more natural makeup options and limit my exposure to toxins and harmful ingredients.

This blog reflects upon that which inspires me to be better to the Earth and to my body and also to encourage others about beautiful options for natural and organic cosmetics without sacrificing quality or vanity.


Photo source: Cassia Beck Collage- Violet May
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