Beauty Chat: Svetlana Sanchez, Founder of Gressa Skin


You have probably just read my review on Gressa Skin products. Learn a little bit more about the company and it’s founder, Svetlana Sanchez whose approach to skincare is unique and inspiring:

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your background (life, work, etc)?
I was born and raised in the Far East of Russia, where traditional medicine isn’t considered an ‘alternative’. We turned to herbs to care for our health and our skin.  I studied biochemistry and pre-med, which brought me to where I am today: my own mini-lab, where I create my potions.

What inspired you to create Gressa Skin?
Gressa started a little over 4 years ago at an Organic Chemistry class at Portland State University.  I distilled my own essential oil with a steam distiller that I built myself.  It all went uphill from there. In general, my science background and obsession with nutrition and the breakdown of nutrients and ingredients in human biological systems is what drove me to really dive into formulating my own skincare.
What is the process like for creating your products?
Many formulas in my line are inspired by botanicals and herbs I’ve known about my whole life, like the Immortelle flower or Seabuckthorn Oil.  Others, are herbs I learned along the way at school, while learning about Ayurveda and many Eastern ways of caring for skin.  I don’t go by the trend of the skincare industry. I rely on centuries of tradition of herb infusing, oil cleansing, and relying on plant oils and extracts to create the most effective products anyone can find.

What is your favorite part of creating your products and why?
My favorite part is knowing that I’m influencing and inspiring my clients to first do no harm to their health, to love their skin and our planet.

What are you favorite products from the line? I absolutely cannot live without the Balancing Cleanser, Renewing Polish, Purifying Oil and Purifying Toner. I must have a Gressa Moment each day, otherwise the day/night isn’t started off right.  Plus, my face totally can tell if I skip my ritual.

Do you have any favorite natural or organic skincare and beauty necessities?
I love Dr. Hauschka’s products and their philosophy of homeopathic approach to skincare.
Thanks, Svetlana. Such a unique and inspiring story! I always enjoy learning about different approaches to health and skincare. Check out Gressa Skin products online here.
*Images courtesy of Gressa Skin, additional edits by me.


  1. B. Quebec November 22, 2013

    Nice interview! She is such a beauty.

    • Kasey Michelle November 22, 2013

      Yes, she is! Love her story behind Gressa Skin. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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