5YINA Skincare: Holistic Seasonal Skincare Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine

As the seasons change, so should your skincare—this is a fact I’ve come to learn and live by from my experience with natural and organic beauty. A big factor in making skincare products work for you, comes not only from understanding ingredients but also in learning to satisfy and adapt to your skin’s needs throughout every season.

5YINA is a luxury, natural skincare brand that is the highest quality example of an adaptogenic seasonal skincare collection inspired by the philosophies and processes behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).TCM is a comprehensive healing system originating from China more than 2000 years ago, where it has long been the standard system of medicine. The core of TCM theory “emphasize being in-tune with the flow of nature and cultivating your body’s self-healing capabilities for vital health.” TCM integrates various medical practices such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise, and dietary therapy.

“5YINA is more than skincare. We create mindful rituals to bring wellness and vitality to your inner and outer states of being.”

5YINA skincare products are meticulously researched developed in-house by a team of holistic practitioners, herbalists and skincare experts based on principles of Chinese medicine. Each 5YINA product is custom formulated featuring proprietary blends of active botanicals and natural ingredients. Products are developed and manufactured in-house in small, “tightly controlled micro batches” to ensure fresh, effective, high-quality, toxic-free formulations that reflect each season and remedy various skincare needs. All products are “tested over 2 years in various environments and climates for every season.” Along with carefully curated formulas, each product is packaged in stunningly detailed, and luxurious packaging.

“YINA” combines the brand’s two founders’ names: harmony ( -YI) and beauty (– NA). “5” reflects the five seasons and elements represented in the 5YINA product collections: Spring | Enlighten, Summer | Lucent, Autumn | Grace, Winter | Quiescent, Fifth Season | Divine (more details behind each seasonal skincare collection here). Each seasonal collection includes a Beauty Oil (facial serum) and Hydrolat (facial toner) formulated from ingredients reflective of that season and skin need. The Divine collection features products for all seasons (and skin types) such as a forthcoming facial cleanser, sheet masks, and a multi-use beauty balm.

Products can be selected based on specific skin type and needs (Dry, Sensitive, Combination, Dull, Age-Defying, Blemish-Prone) or choose based on your skin’s changing needs depending on the season.

Winter is Coming

With winter upon us, it seems fitting to highlight 5YINA’s beautiful Quiescent Winter collection, products that I’ve already been turning to as I’m starting to feel a shift in my own skin. As “winter belongs to the water element which represents deep wisdom and internal strength”, the Quiescent Winter collection focuses on enriching and strengthening mind and body through hydrating, nourishing formulas. Thus, this collection is perfect for dry, mature, and sensitive skin.

The Quiescent Winter Beauty Oil is a richly crafted facial oil that deeply restores and rejuvenates skin to maintain a clear, luminous, and supple complexion throughout harsh weather or internal changes. This facial oil sinks into skin quickly, nourishing and healing my sensitive skin, yet never feels overly thick or greasy. It has become a pleasant evening ritual to breathe in this soothing, lightly floral-scented serum and let the nutrient-rich botanicals and super antioxidant seed oils work their magic. This facial oil is also versatile enough to use as a daytime moisturizer, since it is lightweight, quickly absorbing, and deeply hydrating. Just add a sunscreen product on top for daytime wear! This facial oil keeps my face moisturized and nourished no matter the time of day. My skin feels smoother, firmer, and looks brighter with every use of this luxurious product. The featured bioactives in the Beauty Oil’s formula include agarwood, rhodiola, Chinese angelica root, Japanese knotweed, and gromwell, which collectively treat and strengthen skin through natural nourishment, rejuvenation, repair, smoothing and soothing. If there is one product you want to treat and enhance your skin, it is this luxurious, beautifully curated Beauty Oil. $175, 30ml.

The Quiescent Winter Hydrolat is the perfect complement to the Beauty Oil, as it so effortlessly nourishes, refreshes, and sets skin. It instantly soothes and refreshes skin, also providing a hydrated, primed base to enhance skin when used with other 5YINA products. The brand describes the Hydrolat as an “elixir” that creates a “micro-emulsion to allow active ingredients to penetrate more deeply.” I enjoy spritzing this gentle hydrolat after cleansing my face and before applying the Beauty Oil or my daytime products. This product not only serves to calm my irritable skin but also provides even, all-over moisture and enhances my skin for greater hydration and nourishment. The Hydrolat can also be used as a second method of cleansing by spraying on the face, and gently wiping with a cotton pad or cloth. $45, 60ml.

Easily applicable for use all-year round is 5YINA’s forthcoming Divine Bio-Adaptive Cleanser. I enjoy using this creamy, hydrating cleanser daily because it is extremely gentle, moisturizing, and soothing. Lightweight enough for everyday, season-round use, yet thick enough to lock in moisture and avoid dryness, the Divine Bio-Adaptive Cleanser balances skin by dissolving impurities and preserving skin’s moisture.  The cleanser is formulated with active and purifying plant extracts that deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate skin. My skin always feels extremely refreshed, yet smooth and hydrated after using this cleanser. It reminds me of a cold cream feel and look, yet more lightweight and pliable. I especially like how moisturizing this cleanser is, my skin never feels dry or irritated after use. This cleanser will get even more use as the winter brings drier, irritated skin. $38, 60ml. (available for pre-order, estimated delivery is November 15.)

Another essential for winter season skincare transition is, the Divine All Seasons Beauty Balm. This “cure all” balm is a wonderful product that I like to keep on hand to soothe and protect skin at all times. This multitasking balm is formulated with “a synergistic blend of rare healing botanicals and essential fatty acids,” to nourish, repair, and protect skin. It can be used to treat lips, cuticles, hair ends, and other areas on the skin. The Divine All Seasons Beauty Balm is infused with a unique rose complex for a natural and soothing scent, though I find it to be very muted, which I prefer. I specifically enjoy using this balm in addition to the Beauty Oil, by applying it to additional dry spots on my face, such as under my nose and near my checks or lips, and it also works wonders on dry cuticles and hand. This luxurious balm is another mainstay, multipurpose product that I like to keep in my purse for any and all skin emergencies! $28, 5g.

The Proof is in the Process

I admire the thorough and conscious efforts behind the development of 5YINA products, and these efforts are clearly seen in every ingredient selection and formula of the collection. If anything can be gathered from using 5YINA products, it is that our skin deserves and desires a change in formulations and focus, to ultimately enhance and maintain our best skin. Taking a holistic, seasonal approach to skincare is healthier for our skin, mind, and body. Shop the entire 5YINA collection online.

Have you tried 5YINA products before? Which 5YINA season or element collection stands out to you most?


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