New Releases Radar // 17

New Releases Radar // 17There have been so many exciting new releases in the green beauty world, it’s been difficult to keep up! Here are some of my recent favorites:

RMS Beauty Swift Shadows: I would say this new release is “breaking the internet”-worthy, or at least for the green beauty community. While past products from RMS Beauty’s lineup have only been cream-based, the Swift Shadows (named for the brand’s founder, Rose-Marie Swift) consist of 18 pressed powder eyeshadows broken up into six color categories: Twilight Madness (grey / black),  Sunset Beach (yellows / golds), Tempting Touch (beiges / tans), Tobacco Road (greens / browns), Garden Rose (pinks), Enchanted Moonlight (purples / burgundies). The eyeshadow names were inspired by 1960s black and white television shows. RMS Beauty’s signature wild-crafted Buriti Oil, organic Jojoba Oil, and top notch mineral pigments provide nourishment, smooth application, and bold, buildable color.

RMS claims their eyeshadow formulations also “deliver the same light-reflective finish the RMS Eye Polishes are known for, but with a powder formula made for a longer-lasting wear.  The color intensity is buildable, making all shades flattering and easy to wear.” Also, “unlike other powder eye shadows, Swift Shadows are pressed, not baked, which avoids heat exposure and preserves the integrity of the raw ingredients.” I really wish I could purchase the whole collection, because they look amazing! I only wish the packaging was some how refillable, or could be placed into a reusable palette. $20 each, RMS Beauty, The Detox Market.

Honest Beauty Invisible Blurring Powder, Finishing Powder Brush: Recently, Honest Beauty has been releasing a lot of interesting products, namely an entire hair products collection. Yet, one of the new beauty releases that caught my eye is the Invisible Blurring Powder. This is a talc-free, loose translucent setting powder that mattifies skin, absorbs surface oils and minimizes shine. Honest Beauty claims this new powder “evens complexion, blurs imperfections and softens the appearance of fine lines and pores” and was specially formulated to be paired with the brand’s foundations and tinted moisturizers.

The brand also released a beautiful Finishing Powder Brush to go with the Invisible Blurring Powder, only available at Honest Beauty. Featuring an FSC-certified wooden handle, soft synthetic bristles made without AZO dyes, this brush looks like the perfect teardrop shape to apply a finishing powder with. I’ve been loving Honest Beauty’s Luminizing Powder, so I’m curious to see if the new Invisible Blurring Powder is just as promising. It is also a plus in my book to know that Honest Beauty products are available at Ulta stores (on online) nationwide. $28 Invisible Blurring Powder, $34 Finishing Brush, Honest Beauty or Ulta.

Herbivore Botanicals Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment: Leave it up to Herbivore Botanicals to formulate another unique skincare product that is as beautiful to look at as it is rich in quality ingredients. The Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment is a pastel purple-hued balm that utilizes natural super fruits to resurface and hydrate skin overnight. Featuring the soothing scent of ylang ylang, the Moon Fruit’s eye-catching lilac appearance is due to blended indigo root powder mixed with manganese violet and ultramarines. Herbivore stresses these are all natural colorants with no dyes were used and that the purple color is not only fun but also that the inclusion of indigo root powder also provides natural skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The texture looks very thick and almost whipped-like, making me think this might be very good for hydrating dry skin especially with colder weather on its way. I would definitely stop in to Sephora stores to check this out before purchasing it. “An other worldly multi-tasking night treatment that feeds skin with super fruits, gently resurfaces with fruit enzymes and hydrates deeply with a blend of exotic butters and bio-identical vegan hyaluronic acid all while you sleep.” $58, Herbivore Botanicals (currently back ordered), Sephora (online and in-stores).

Schmidt’s Deodorant Travel Sticks: Nothing says convenience like an all-natural travel-sized deodorant stick! Schmidt’s Deodorant released these insanely cute and convenient, travel-size versions of their beloved deodorant sticks. The new travel sticks are .7 oz each, a great size to take on a trip or stash in your gym bag and they are available in all the original scents as well as the new Sensitive Skin Formula which features 3 scents. One can also purchase a set of travel-size deodorants, available in a 3-pack of Sensitive Skin Formula sticks ($14.49) or a 5-pack of Original Formula sticks ($17.99). Currently, it seems that you can only purchase the travel-sizes through Schmidt’s Etsy store. With it’s already established variety of deodorant jars and deodorant sticks, these travel-size products are a welcome addition for those looking for a good deo stick on-the-go! $3.99- $4.99 each, Etsy.

Beautycounter x Target collection: You might be living under a rock if you haven’t heard that the big guns over at Beautycounter made it’s mass-market debut at Target stores nationwide a couple weeks ago. The collection offered at Target features bestselling Beautycounter products (though in “special” sizes), exclusive product sets, and a new nourishing oil only available at Target. The packaging is chic and eye-catching, though the pricing is a bit higher than your average Target product, especially for those “exclusive” Target-sizes (smaller than your average Beautycounter products). While I think it’s great Target is pushing for more natural, healthy brands to be featured in their stores I’ve never been extremely keen on the extent of ingredients and transparency over at Beautycounter. For the most part, Beautycounter is spreading more awareness of natural beauty and skincare through their products and at least the collection at Target will perhaps continue the discussion and make products more accessible for all. I will say it was cool to see this brand upfront and center at my local Target’s beauty section! Products range from $12- $39, at Target stores and online

Agent Nateur x Shiva Rose holi(Rose) No. 4 deodorant: You know you’re a green beauty blogger when you think a deodorant is beautiful…but that’s exactly what I think of this intriguing collaboration behind luxe natural deodorant brand, Agent Nateur and actress, blogger, and holistic living activist, Shiva Rose. I’ve been fascinated by Shiva Rose ever since we did an article about her in Thoughtfully Magazine. She lives a very interesting life, one that has now led her to creating an all-natural, handmade skincare collection, that has become quite popular. The holi(Rose) No. 4 deodorant from Agent Nateur is a luxury natural deodorant that took Shiva Rose and Agent Nateur founder, Jena Covello six months to perfect.

The product features a simple, effective ingredient list (“Organic coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, beeswax, sunflower butter, avocado butter, castor oil, rose essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, love”) and thought-provoking product description: “A SENSUAL and exotic blend of SACRED sandalwood and heart opening ROSE. The smell is intoxicating and HEALING. Sandalwood is a pheromone and acts as a natural deodorant. The Number 4 derives its meaning from CREATION. It represents patience, trust, honesty and integrity. It vibrates with passion, drive and MASTERY.” I can only imagine just how lovely and soothing this rose-inspired deodorant smells. Like all Agent Nateur deodorants, holi(Rose) features non-gmo, pesticide-free, food-grade ingredients. This deodorant is definitely a splurge, but one might never know when she might need a fancier, thoughtful deodorant, right?  $24, Agent Nateur (back ordered)Shiva Rose

Which of these new releases and announcements are you most excited for? What are some other new products you’re lusting over?


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