hello, again


I know it’s been a couple months since a new blog post but sometimes life just gets in the way. It’s been especially tough to come back from the most beautiful wedding ever and an amazingly blissful 2-week honeymoon in Italy to sit down and get straight back into blogger mood. But if there’s anything I’ve learned recently, it’s to follow where my heart is, take a deep breath, bring my concerns to God, and to relax a bit more.

Alas, life goes on— even after a wedding and the honeymoon, and I’m pushing myself to keep hustling again but to not make promises I can’t keep or promises that I can’t keep up with.

It’s not easy amidst the expectation of being “on” all the time as a blogger or trying to stack up with others. Not to mention with grad school, moving house, and more job searching going on, but if I don’t do what I’m “supposed to do” when I should, that’s okay. I’m learning to take all the pressure and judgment off of myself and to just be.

So, hello again from me, Kasey.


Wedding makeup action shot by Amie Schroeder Photography.

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