Share The Love: Mahalo Skin Care’s Limited Edition You Are Loved Set

Mahalo You Are Loved

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and while I believe it’s a silly commercialized holiday, I always think celebrating the ones you love or yourself is totally justified. If you’re single, treat yourself! Because you’re pretty damn awesome and deserve it.

Mahalo Skin Care is launching their much-anticipated, The Petal facial mask on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) and to celebrate, Mahalo has released You Are Loved, a limited edition gift set just in time for the big day of love! This thoughtfully-curated skincare gift was inspired by sharing and receiving special moments of self-care with the ones you love. Read on to find out more about this limited-time offer and why you should pick it up before they’re sold out!

Mahalo You Are Loved_Masks

You Are Loved features two special Mahalo facial masks: The Petal and The Bean, a beautiful wooden mixing spoon, and Attar Onaona, Mahalo first perfume oil, all wrapped up in a beautifully embossed gold and indigo box.

Who doesn’t love relaxing and enjoying one another’s company while being pampered? This luxurious gift set provides all you need for a soothing night in, and more than enough sweet skincare remedies to share. Housed in beautifully crafted bamboo jars, Mahalo products are more than just beauty necessities, they are skincare masterpieces.

Mahalo The Petal

The Petal is a luxurious rose-tinted, creamy facial mask intended for daily-use. The impressive fusion of rose (as a hydrosol, petals, essential oil, etc) and the gentle, deeply moisturizing formula makes The Petal a rare and incredibly beautiful find. A natural beta-hydroxy treatment mask, The Petal is formulated with 28 high-performance ingredients like amazonian white clay, turmeric, raw Hawaiian white and New Zealand manuka honeys, silver hydrosol, rose petals, and rose clay to provide deep hydration and nourishment for glowing skin.

As someone with very sensitive and dry skin, I’m amazed at how well The Petal effectively treats my skin and leaves me glowing. The Petal melts into skin and is refreshing and revitalizing, while also deeply hydrating. The smooth, whipped consistency is easy to apply and remove, it doesn’t feel like a traditional facial mask. I like that The Petal doesn’t feel tight or drying, it simply feels like you’re wearing a light facial cream.The intoxicating soothing floral scent and ease of wearing this mask makes it one of my new go-to products.

Mahalo The Petal mask

With regular use, this mask maintains smooth, supple skin, and a healthy glow. I’ve shared this mask with my sister and my mother, who aren’t fans of using traditional facial masks, but both were surprised by how much they loved the feel and results of using The Petal. If you’re looking for a refreshing facial mask that’s gentle enough for everyday use, do not miss out on trying The Petal!

Just for reference, The Petal mask itself will not be available until February 14, so if you want first dibs on this amazing product or to gift it to someone, it would be a great idea to pick it up in this exclusive set while supplies last. On it’s own The Petal will be $95 (100ml).

Mahalo The Bean mask

The Bean is a facial mask only available in this gift set, designed to be used as a powerful companion to The Petal. Formulated with 20 active ingredients like cocoa bean, coffee bean, and vanilla bean, The Bean not only provides major fragrant delight, the beta-hydroxy mask is filled with antioxidant-rich properties to regenerate, brighten, tone, firm, and hydrate skin. Formulated with some delectable ingredients like raw cacao, rhasoul clay, rose hydrosol, hyaluronic acid, and a raw Hawaiian honey and manuka honey blend, The Bean is a bold, detoxifying treatment that is beneficial for all skin types.

Mahalo The Bean_mask

While I prefer the gentle, creamy texture of The Petal mask, The Bean is actually quite the perfect, potent counterpart. As Mahalo recommends, it is “a ‘plus one’ for your special plus one.” Use it along with The Petal mask or share the experience with a loved one. The texture of The Bean initially feels a bit grainy with a light liquid texture. There’s no need to activate or mix using water, just apply the mask to skin and immediately experience an awakening on your skin and spirit.

With a deeper, more masculine scent and stronger mask characteristics, The Bean is beneficial for all skin types, for both men and women. To me, The Bean is a stronger treatment that helps to further detoxify, cleanse and maintain strong, healthy skin. While it is a powerful formula, The Bean is also gentle and doesn’t feel tight or dry on skin.

Mahalo Attar Onaona Perfume

Taken from the Hawaiian word onaona meaning “gentle and sweet, inviting, attractive alluring, lovely”, the Attar Onaona is Mahalo’s first fragrance and it is definitely something special.  Inspired by sensuality, softness, and love, this perfume oil aptly personifies the spirit of femininity and passion. Sweet and seductive, Attar Onaona is formulated with 16 premium essential oils, absolutes, concretes and extracts all adding to aromatic opulence.

The lingering notes of vanilla bourbon and rose are what draws me to this alluring and bright fragrance. While I enjoy sweet, floral fragrances, the deeper notes of Attar Onaona such as patchouli and Hawaiian sandalwood also provide a satisfyingly sensual aspect to this perfume. Mahalo has demonstrated time and again through their products a masterful skill for utilizing sacred actives and aromas. The creation of Attar Onaona definitely embodies this success with fragrant delights including notes of hibiscus, white and pink lotus, Hawaiian jasmine, davana, ylang ylang, ambrette, Pikake, and Balsam of Peru.

Mahalo Attar Onaona_perfume

Described as an anointing oil, Attar Onaona is more than just a beautiful-smelling perfume, it is also a rich aromatherapeutic experience meant to activate and encourage love. This is a fragrance that truly embodies and elevates your senses, mind, and spirit towards sensuality and love. Apply this rollerball fragrance to your pulse points or your entire body. I am addicted to this scent and cannot help but feel so inspired by love from this!

Don’t hold back this season and share the love, You Are Loved is the perfect natural skincare set to inspire and elevate the senses and is a pleasure to give and to receive. If you are looking for a gift to express love or practice a bit of self-love, the You Are Loved set is true gem!

Be one of the lucky few to purchase Mahalo’s You Are Loved gift set here! Use my special code pleinvanity to receive samples of other Mahalo products with your order. (You’ve gotta try my favorite, the Rare Indigo Balm!) Run over to Mahalo Skin Care and check out all their other amazing, handcrafted skincare products.

You Are Loved is $180 (valued at $255) and only available for a limited time. The set includes full sizes of The Petal (100ml), The Bean (50ml), The Attar Onaona perfume, wrapped and delivered in a custom gift box with free 3-day US shipping. There is also an option for 2-day expedited US shipping at an additional $15. Mahalo also ships internationally: $23 to Canada and $28 to the rest of the world. (7-10 days for international delivery.)

How are you celebrating this season of love? Are you planning on gifting the You Are Loved Set?


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