Fresh Beginnings: Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant and Body Products

Ursa Major Hoppin Fresh Deodorant

This was the year that natural deodorant ruled the green beauty community and beyond! So many brands have released new and innovative products to keep your pits healthy and fresh that there are now tons of options that make it easy and chic to kick those nasty, traditional deos to the curb. Ursa Major introduced their Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant, an all-natural stick deodorant with 24-hour protection claims. The brand also released the Citrus Riot Body Wash and Perfect Zen Body Lotion, truly elevating their variety of luxe unisex products for head-to-toe natural goodness. 

Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant
Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant* is a work of art by natural deodorant standards. Besides from being 100% natural and toxin-free (meaning no nasty chemicals like aluminum), this deodorant has a non-staining formula and eliminates odor-causing bacteria while soothing sensitive skin and absorbing excess moisture.

With all their products, Ursa Major uses only the highest-grade natural ingredients, sourced wherever possible from family-owned, sustainable growers. The Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant includes hops and eucalyptus to help fight odor and odor-causing bacteria, while kaolin clay and aloe absorb moisture, neutralizes odor, and soothes skin. The formula is a dream to use as it is gentle, lightweight and fast absorbing. When applied, this deodorant melts into skin and leaves behind a nice cooling sensation. The scent is also deliciously fresh with an herbal zing, drawing from ingredients like lemon, grapefruit, ginger, eucalyptus, and chamomile.

Ursa Major Deodorant

Natural deodorants are not antiperspirants so they will not stop you from sweating, but they can help to control bacteria and odor naturally. I do like Ursa Major’s stance on natural deodorants and the idea behind their product: “This is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. We don’t believe that blocking your body’s sweat glands with aluminum is a safe option; instead, our deodorant works with your body to control bacteria and odor in a natural way.” 
I found that the Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant does help manage moisture better than other natural deodorants I’ve tried and I personally never feel too sweaty with this deodorant. I’ve tried this deodorant while at the gym, where I know I sweat the most and on normal days where sweat levels are minimal. The formula still holds up and keeps me smelling and feeling fresh no matter what. I don’t know much about Ursa Major’s 24-hour protection claim on this deodorant because I don’t wear deodorant too often enough to tell, nor do I need it, however I think this deodorant definitely lasts enough to keep you fresh for at least 8 hours.

I also implored my sister, a self-proclaimed sweaty gal to test this deodorant out. While she’s only recently switched to natural deodorants, she enjoyed using Ursa Major’s deodorant and said: “This deodorant does a great job at keeping me dry especially when I work out though it leaves my underarms feeling a bit wet when first applying. That could also be due to the tingly, cooling feeling when applying it though. I like the minty scent, which does seem to last. I love that this is a stick deodorant but I think I prefer the scents and the more solid formula from Schmidt’s.”

Light and small enough to fit in a tote bag, dopp kit or makeup bag, the Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant also has a sleek, sturdy design that is not only effective for application but pleasing to the eye. I like the rounded stick design of this deodorant and the ease of using the twist-up applicator. At $18 for 2.6 fl oz, the price for Ursa Major’s deodorant is comparable to other luxury natural deodorants of its size. I think that is a reasonable price for a long-lasting and effective natural deodorant.

I’d definitely recommend this deodorant for any guy or gal looking for a high-quality natural deodorant. Not only is the formula gentle and soothing, it definitely helps keep you dry and fresh-smelling all day.

*Update: For those who may have irritation with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in natural deodorants, the Hoppin Fresh Deodorant does in fact include this ingredient. Ursa Major has assured me that the baking soda included is a small amount. I am not usually irritated by baking soda and this deodorant does not cause irritations on my skin. Please use your own judgement when testing this deodorant if you are allergic and reach out to Ursa Major if you have questions.
Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant, 2.6 fl oz, $18 at Ursa Major.

Ursa Major Body Wash Body Lotion

If you’re looking for new body products to try, Ursa Major’s body products are also not to be overlooked. The Citrus Riot Body Wash* contains 100% organic ingredients that provide a thorough clean without stripping the skin. I love that this body wash gives my body a deep clean without irritating my dry, sensitive skin and instead, helps to hydrate and soothe my body. The scent of this body wash is also so fresh and delicious, even my fiance couldn’t stop using it! The Perfect Zen Body Lotion* has the same fresh and citrus scents but a bit more herbal. The texture is a gentle and buttery-soft cream formula though I found the lotion doesn’t absorb quickly into my skin and is harder to rub in. However, this body lotion does help combat dryness and I think is a soothing and moisturizing product to use after showering. I also like how you can choose from a pump top or flip cap when purchasing this lotion.
Citrus Riot Body Wash, 8 fl oz, $24 | Perfect Zen Body Lotion, 8 fl oz, $26 at Ursa Major. (I tested sample sizes of each.)

I love that these Ursa Major products have added to the once-tiny list of effective and chic unisex products that my fiance and I will both actually use. Ursa Major’s entire line of products and these new additions, have helped the possibilities for convincing more of my man-friends that natural skincare is attractive, effective, and essential!

Have you tried these new products from Ursa Major? What natural deodorants have you tried and loved? Read about other natural deodorants I’ve tried here.

Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant ingredients (* denotes organic): Aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) leaf juice*, propanediol, sodium Stearate, tapioca Starch, silica, microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose gum, shea (butyrosperum parkii) butter (community trade), sodium bicarbonate, kaolin (clay), tocopheryl acetate, glyceryl caprylate, glyceryl undecylenate, glycerin, royal jelly extract, hops (humulus lupulus) extract, lemon (citrus medica limonum) peel extract, ginseng (panax quinquefolium) root extract, calendula officinalis flower extract, matricaria (chamomilla recutita) flower extract, saccharomyces ferment, rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) leaf oil, peppermint (mentha piperita) oil, grapefruit (citrus grandis) peel oil, eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus) leaf oil
Citrus Riot Body Wash ingredients (100% organic): Potassium cocoate, aloe vera leaf juice (aloe barbadensis), glycerin, fir needle oil (pseudotsuga menziesii), lime peel oil (citrus aurantifolia), bergamot peel oil (citrus bergamia), ginger root oil (zingiber offinale), frankincense resin extract (boswellia carterii), vetiver root oil (vetiveria zizaniodes), cedar wood oil (cedrus atlantica)
Perfect Zen Body Lotion ingredients (* denotes organic): Aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) leaf juice*, sunflower (helianthus annuus) seed oil*, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cetearyl glucoside, cetyl palmitate, meadowfoam (limnanthes alba) seed oil, mandarin red (citrus reticulata) peel oil, sweet orange (citrus sinensis) peel oil, bergamot (citrus bergamia) peel oil*, lavender (lavandula angustifolia) flower oil*, rosemary (rosmarinus) leaf oil, petitgrain bigarada (citrus aurantium) leaf/bud oil, sandalwood (santalum spicatum) wood oil, cedar (cedrus atlantica) wood oil, xanthan gum, rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) leaf extract*, dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol


*Products kindly provided for my consideration, as always these are my own and honest opinions. This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclaimer for more details about my affiliate and press policies.


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    • Kasey January 11, 2016

      It’s a great natural deodorant alternative that I’ve been loving! Hope you get to try it. 🙂


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