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Bottega Organica is a natural, organic skincare brand formulated with farm-fresh ingredients and healthy, effective scientific processes. There is so much to say about this high quality, thoughtfully-crafted brand that it requires such care and reflection when writing about them. I find it difficult to describe in words the caliber and luxury of these quality formulas but I’m hoping my in-depth commentary and photographs will suffice…

A view of Bottega Organica’s farm in Chatham, NY

Created in 2013, Bottega Organica’s products reflect the brand’s unique emphasis on combining 100% organic, naturally extracted ingredients with patented scientific discoveries on the anti-aging effectiveness of plants. Every ingredient is naturally harvested and processed in Bottega’s farms in Italy and upstate New York, “straight from farm to bottle.”

One of Bottega Organica’s founders is Andrea Alimonti, a world-renowned molecular geneticist and also the brains behind all the brand’s ingredients. Alimonti was studying a cure for cancer and in the midst of this, identified natural substances with the potential of slowing the aging of human cells. These natural substances are the ingredients used in Bottega Organica products.

While “anti-aging” is a phrase many green beauty enthusiasts (myself included) will frown upon, Bottega Organica’s approach to anti-aging is more about utilizing botanical ingredients and scientific methods to maintain and prolonging healthier, resilient , youthful skin.

Olives from the Bottega Organica farm.

Every product formula includes extra-virgin olive oil as the base as Bottega states it is the single most effective natural carrier for their anti-aging plant extracts. The pure and natural olive oil is produced from the brand’s Ligurian farm, obtained through same day cold-pressing of handpicked organically grown-olives and containing powerful youth-preserving ingredients such as alpha-tocopherol, polyphenols and oleocanthal.

Bottega Organica does not use preservatives, fragrances, dyes, emulsifiers,  nor any synthetic ingredients and all skincare oils, serums, soaps, and mists are 100% vegan. All paper packaging is recycled, plant-derived and printed with vegetable ink. I also think the product design and packaging are very chic and eye-catching.

Bottega Organica

This brand is quite on the pricey side but as with many products I write about, I firmly believe that investing in brands with smart, transparent and life-changing missions as well as quality, consciously-created ingredients is important. I like supporting brands like Bottega Organica because I believe it’s a step in the right direction for changing the tide on our habits as consumers and the way we think about business in general.

I was sent two face creams to try: the Face Balance Cream with tulsi & vetiver, and the Overnight Renewal Cream with French lilac & neroli. Generally, I usually gravitate towards serums and oils but since using these facials creams, I may just have a refreshed perspective on creams. Both products are buttery soft, hydrating, and absorb into skin quickly. Both creams smell heavily herbal, which made it difficult for me to use at first, (I’m not a fan of neroli) but battled with my wimpy nose and did find I got used to the scents eventually. Past my scent preferences, I found that these creams far exceeded my expectations for soft, rejuvenated, healthy skin. My skin glows from these creams, I kid you not.


The Face Balance Cream is lovely to use during the day and is very lightweight and moisturizing without being greasy. I didn’t find any irritation and my normally dry skin felt more hydrated after every use. This luxe cream melts into skin and leaves my face feeling soft and looking radiant for hours. I do prefer the Face Balance Cream for it’s scent and lightweight texture, with its main ingredients being tulsi and vetiver. Tulsi, also known as holy basil regulates sebum production without clogging pores, providing a healthy skin balance and making this cream great for daytime wear. Wild carrots, coneflower, vetiver oil, and French lilac nourish and stimulate the skin, providing a radiant glow while prawn sage exerts its powerful anti-aging activity. This cream is a winner! $140, Face Balance Cream.


While both facial creams are rich in texture and in quality of ingredients, the Overnight Renewal Cream feels slightly heavier and a bit greasier on the skin. However, this cream also absorbs so quickly, my skin never feels overly greasy, just very hydrated. I find that this cream is perfect for going to sleep in and waking up to find an equally glowing complexion. I like that this cream locks in moisture and noticeably feeds the skin with nourishing and stimulating ingredients like coneflower, neroli, French lilac, and wild carrots (high in antioxidants and vitamins). This cream will leave you with refreshed and rejuvenated skin. What more could a girl ask for? Just one more thing in fact: when applied, the Overnight Renewal Cream also gives off a slight cooling effect on the skin which adds a nice soothing step to the nighttime skincare routine. My only gripe was that the scent of the Overnight Renewal Cream was very strong for my taste, though I did get used to it and noticed it less as time wore on. $165, Overnight Renewal Cream.

I’m excited to keep using these creams as the temperatures drop, because I know they will definitely work wonders on my usually dry and flakey skin, while combating against the effects of the cold.


I really enjoyed using the Body Contour Formula body serum. Featuring peppermint and chili pepper as two main ingredients, this body serum is quite unique compared to anything I’ve ever tried before. The idea is to apply this product to cellulite-prone areas allowing the synergic action of the chili peppers, peppermint, and natural vitamins to deeply penetrate and rejuvenate skin tissue protecting against aging effects. The gloriously bright, yellow-greenish colored product has a lovely, silky smooth texture that absorbs quickly into skin. I also love the scent of this body serum: it’s minty with a hint of spice. Thanks to peppermint and chili peppers, there is a cooling feeling when massaging the serum into skin. “Pure organic chili peppers, which are rich in capsaicin molecules that enhance micro-circulation, increase blood flow to cellulite prone areas. Peppermint stimulates, energizes, and refreshens the skin.” I can’t necessarily talk about this product’s “anti-cellulite” properties, but using this serum did keep my skin feeling nourished, stimulated and tightened. I used this product up so quickly, I loved it that much! $125, Body Contour Formula.

Now you might know due to my super picky hair, I’m always hesitant to try anything besides shampoo and conditioner. Needless to say, I was not too enthusiastic about trying Bottega Organica’s Hair Mist for Dark Hair though I was a bit curious about the product. With intriguing ingredients and active agents like lavender, nettle, sage, rosemary, and olive leaf extract, this hair mist serves to revitalize and nourish hair throughout the day and claims to naturally enhance the shine and color of hair. The first few times I applied this mist, my hair had an extremely bad reaction: it left my hair extremely greasy, gummy, and kind of crunchy-feeling. Looking back, I think I was also going through another hair freak-out while trying a new shampoo so maybe that also affected it. A few more tries later when my hair was in good shape again, the mist didn’t seem to have any damaging effects to my hair. Could I say that my hair even felt a bit stronger? Maybe. I’m not sure I’ve noticed much difference in my hair with this product. I do love the scent though, it is very fresh and sweet. If anything, it’s a nice-smelling spray that maybe I could use on my body or as a room spray. $68, Hair Mist for Dark Hair.


Now let’s talk eye cream: I’m not the best at remembering to apply eye cream but I know my undereye area will thank me in the long-run when I do. Bottega Organica’s Eye Illuminate cream has a standout formula with skin-revitalizing ingredients like horse chestnut, cucumber, rosemary, as well as arnica, coneflower, and prawn sage to stimulate healthy skin renewal and promote anti-aging activity. The formula is creamy but also has more of a “watery” slip which I believe is due to the natural essential oil ingredients. Initially, I didn’t like how greasy this eye cream felt but ended up enjoying the moisturizing and fast-absorbing properties I experienced. I would reserve this eye cream for nighttime as the cream appears quite greasy on the skin (unless you like that look) albeit absorbs nicely, especially if worn overnight. I did notice that the area under my eyes did feel less puffy and looked less dark after using this cream consistently. This is definitely a high-end, splurge of an eye cream if I ever did see one. $145, Eye Illuminate cream.


I also tried out the Hand Regenerate Cream with lavender & English marigold and OH MY GOSH, it’s probably the most luxurious, best-smelling, hydrating, natural hand cream I’ve ever used! I keep a jar next to my bedside and it is always a treat to use, especially before I jump into bed. The texture of Hand Regenerate is creamy but also has an oil-like slip that forms a sort of hydrating barrier over the skin. It doesn’t feel like a flimsy lotion, my dry hands have never felt better than when I use Hand Regenerate. The cream also absorbs fairly quickly and keeps my skin feeling extremely moisturized. There are so many beneficial ingredients in this product that make it so stellar: organic beeswax and extra-virgin oil nourish and moisturize, English marigold, French lilac, and natural vitamins from wild carrots support and revitalize skin, nails, and cuticles, while prawn sage provides powerful anti-aging properties. Plus, this cream just smells delicious, it’s definitely helped me relax and drift off to sleep many times. $85, Hand Regenerate Cream.

Check out the ingredient lists for all these products and more on Bottega Organica’s website.

Each Bottega Organica product reflects careful research and meticulously crafted formulas, it’s no wonder everything I tried provided unparalleled results for my skin. Not to mention top quality natural and organic ingredients gathered straight from the farm and using the most sustainable, beneficial processes for more efficient ingredients. If you’re looking to invest in solid, high-quality organic skincare that also provides anti-aging benefits, I strongly recommend you explore the standout collection from Bottega Organica.

Shop the Bottega Organica site here, or find these products at Integrity Botanicals and The Detox Market. If you’re in the New York City area, make sure to visit Bottega Organica’s gorgeous store too! (It’s right around the corner from CAP Beauty too.) The entire store is built from reclaimed wood made by local furniture/fabrication shop, Reclaimed Brooklyn.


What products have you tried from Bottega Organica? Which products are you most curious about? I know I have to try some serums next!


*Products kindly provided to me for consideration. Please see my disclaimer for more information. Post contains some affiliate links.

**Farm images from Bottega Organica.


  1. Nice post miss! Sounds a very beautiful brand but really pricey. What are you refering by scientific methods in your post? xx

    • Kasey October 23, 2015

      Thanks, Audrey! The co-founder discovered natural anti-aging extracts while researching cures for cancer. The brand’s website explains more in detail here, Dr. Alimonti discovered a scientific screen method to identify plant extracts that prolong the lifespan of human cells by inhibiting cellular senescence. This method is used in selecting the natural plant extracts for all product formulas and guides the way Bottega Organica creates products. Hope that helps!

  2. Naturally Beautiful June 16, 2017

    Hi. I actually was kinda disappointed with the Illuminate Eye Cream i purchased.. I used it for several months with no visible results. And it was as greasy as they come, while label said that it would not grease you up. If you’re interested to read about my experience, please, visit

    By the way, Bottega doesn’t sell the cream anymore.. I think they figured it wasn’t as good as they claimed it would be… Unless resellers bought it all out…

    • Kasey June 23, 2017

      Thanks for your comment and linking to your review! I’m sorry you were disappointed in the Illuminate Eye Cream.

      It does look like Bottega is no longer selling the cream, but have replaced it with the Eye Contour Serum:

      Things were bound to change since the company rebranded and revamped their products! This blog review is 2 years old, so actually none of the products I reviewed are available in their prior forms anymore. Thanks for pointing this out and commenting!


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