New Releases Radar \\ 10

New Releases Radar 10

I’ve got summer and sun-soaked days on my mind, and these new product releases will have you prepared for the upcoming season…

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes: Let’s face it, we all get sweaty underarms. Some of us may use deodorant more than others, but we all can’t escape sweaty pits especially with hot and humid weather coming. These ingenious new Underarm Wipes from Pacifica sound like they’d be a lifesaver for the coming months. Sold exclusively at Ulta, these convenient Deodorant Wipes claim to not only stop odor but to also remove excess perspiration while leaving behind a fresh, subtle scent. Each bag contains 30 biodegradable wipes with natural ingredients like coconut milk, shea butter, essential oils, and does not include animal ingredients (including carmine, beeswax and lanolin), animal testing, FD&C colors, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, propylene glycol, SLS, gluten, or peanut oil.

The description on Ulta’s websites states that this product is not an antiperspirant and sounds like could be more of an on-the-go refresher. Either way, it sounds like a pretty cool product. I may not be the sweatiest person around, but these wipes sound like they’d be really nice to freshen up with and take while on-the-go! $9, or find Pacifica’s other cleansing wipes here

RMS Beauty brushes: If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my mini freak-out about the latest release from RMS Beauty. But really, RMS knows how to capture brand loyalists like me and newbies alike with so many good new products. RMS Beauty recently launched 2 new products and they just so happen to be makeup brushes! These newest additions are the skin2skin foundation brush and skin2skin blush brush, both showcasing a chic, simplistic design so definitive of RMS and are made with high-end synthetic fibers that are completely vegan and free of animal hair.

The skin2skin foundation brush consists of bristles that are thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top to cover every curve of the face. With “varying length bristles that are tightly layered in a swirl pattern to effortlessly and instantaneously blend your foundation…the foundation brush covers pores and does not drag across skin.” The skin2skin blush brush looks more like your average stippling brush but is described as having ultra-soft bristles to ensure the right amount of blush color on the cheeks (try it with RMS’ lip2cheek colors). “When applied with the skin2skin blush brush, the bristles do not pick up any foundation already on the face, instead the color is pressed into the skin to blend with the existing make-up to create an “airbrush effect” that has only been seen with skin to skin application.” I SO want to try these gorgeous little brushes, don’t you?! $38 and $34, RMS Beauty or The Detox Market

LURK perfume oils: The popular, luxe all-natural fragrance brand, LURK has released 3 new perfume oil scents. I’ve had the pleasure to sniff a few samples though I’ve still never purchased anything from LURK yet. (Too many lovely scents to chose from, maybe?) The new scents are all described as fresh, earthy, and intoxicating with unique combinations of ingredients.

BB 11 is described to have “Seductive notes of Ambrette seed intertwine with warming black balsam and succulent florals to produce this vibrant, feral blend. Distinctive, sensual and surprisingly fresh.” NST V7 is a “delicate blend of deeply complex notes incorporates heady Pink Lotus with Owyhee, fresh citrus, warm sandalwood and creamy Tuberose to create this unique, earthy floral scent that is instantly addictive and engaging.” TRN V4 features “Spicy notes of tobacco meld seamlessly into a transcendent blend of Neroli, Bulgarian rose and lavender blossom. An intoxicating infusion that is densely layered yet never heavy.” $55 each, LURK or Integrity Botanicals

Acure Organics Foaming Shaving Gel: Just in time for weather that calls for bare legs, Acure Organics has developed an all-natural foaming shaving gel! This is big news because as you might know, there are a lot of nasty ingredients and mysterious chemicals that cause products to have a foaming texture but I haven’t seen a natural foaming shave gel before. Without relying on ingredients like sodium laurel sulfate or gases, Acure’s Foaming Shaving Gel uses an all-natural, organic formula in a 100% recyclable PET patented air compression dispenser and is vegan, gluten free, sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, cruelty free, petroleum free, PEG free, synthetic fragrance free, and silicone free. Soothing, nourishing organic ingredients like aloe, calendula, blue chamomile, and sweet almond oil make this shaving gel sound as delightful as it is beneficial. Acure Organics claims this is “The FIRST and ONLY all-natural shave gel”. You also find it on sale now from Acure Organics! $7.50 $9.99 for 6.25 oz, Acure Organics

Gressa Skin Air Focus Foundation Brush: Another gorgeous addition to Gressa Skin’s makeup brushes. I still LOVE using my Minimalist Serum Foundation (read my review here) and the matching Buffing Brush that went with it was the perfect companion. As carefully formulated as their makeup products are, just as much thought goes in to Gressa’s quality, vegan brushes. The Air Focus Foundation Brush looks soft and fluffy, made from 100% vegan and hypoallergenic materials. This new brush claims to help you achieve a soft, airbrushed finish as it “flawlessly blends and buffs makeup for a perfectly airbrushed effect.” This new brush looks like it would be really nice to use with a liquid foundation or even with a powder one. I like that it looks a bit more soft and dense than the Buffing Brush and will probably give a more natural effect. $32, Gressa Skin

Kahina Giving Beauty Essaouira Body Serum: Kahina has been releasing some outstanding products lately.  Their nourishing, healing organic formulas never seem to disappoint. The newest Kahina product is the Essaouira Body Serum, adding another body serum to their collection after Fez. I’ve been trying Essaouira (review to come soon) and can say that it truly is another lovely product from Kahina that completely nourishes and maintains my skin. Essaouira (pronounced es-suh-weer-uh) is named after a port city in western Morocco and so perfectly encapsulates an exotic, sweet, and spicy scent that I could only dream the city smells like.

While Fez might have been a bit conflicting in scent among different people and is better for winter, the scent of Essaouira seems to be less offense to sensitive noses and is a perfect lightweight body serum for spring and summer. High concentrations of argan oil help improve skin elasticity and skin texture. “Scented with a blend of pure steam distilled essential oils, Essaouira Body Serum is a fresh, crisp fragrance combining sophisticated floral notes with a hint of the exotic. Rose, lavender, herbaceous geranium and woodsy sandalwood provide a soft floral scent while petitgrain lifts and brightens. We love this lighter scent for spring and summer.” $32-$98, Kahina Giving Beauty

100% Pure Caffeine Mask: Drawing on the popularity of Korean skincare and the craze of facial mask sheets, 100% Pure has come out with a unique Caffeine Mask. Perfect for more days spent in the sun, this mask’s main caffeine ingredients include green coffee, green tea, and yerba mate. “Caffeine effectively restores sun damaged skin, is anti-inflammatory, stimulates circulation, and soothes redness.”

What looks more like a raised, puffed mask rather than the usual flat sheet mask, 100% Pure’s Caffeine Mask is formulated with “hydrogel” composed of 95% water and 5% plant cellulose to provide intense hydration. Unlike wasteful, single disposable Korean sheet masks, 100% Pure’s mask natural disintegrates with water and can even be used for more than one wear. Apply this mask onto skin, leave on for only 15-20 minutes and completely rinse off the mask with water. Recommended use is one to three times per week. “The longer you leave the mask on your skin, the thinner the hydrogel mask becomes because the water gets absorbed. The hydrogel assists in delivering active ingredients onto your skin.” I for one am all about the facial masks and this one sounds really interesting and invigorating. Plus, how hilarious does it look? I predict many more times I’ll be scaring people with this mask on… $7 per mask or $28 for 5 pack, 100% Pure

Odacite Clair De Lune set: Odacite is known for super luxe, fresh, high-quality organic skincare. I would buy everything Odacite if I could. The latest in their Private Collection skincare line is a Revitilizing Mist and Radiance Booster set specially formulated for popular juicing and health brand, Moon Juice. (They also make those cool tonics/dusts remedies for anything under the sun that have gained lots of attention lately.) Aptly named the Clair De Lune set, the new Odacite x Moon Juice collaboration features a facial mist formulated with organic rose water and aloe juice and a facial serum made from hand-pressed wild carrot seed oil camellia seed oil, and peach oil.

This simple yet luxe two-step regimen will help you “achieve a dewy, luminous glow.” Aside from unparalleled formulations, that sexy black packaging is enough to make me snap this duo up right away. When two green beauty leaders team up for something this gorgeous and skin-satisfying, you pay attention. Given my amazing experiences with nearly everything from Odacite so far (I especially love their facial serums and moisturizer) I really, really want to try this duo! $88 at The Detox Market or Odacite

Youngblood Minerals Stay Put Eye Primer: I haven’t tried anything from this luxe, mineral-based cosmetics brand but from following their Instagram feed, I’m always intrigued with the products I see. (Also, Youngblood just sounds pretty bad ass for a makeup brand, no? It’s the founder’s last name by the way.) Their newest product is a mineral-based eye shadow primer which, if you’ve read my recent rant on natural eye primers, you’ll know is a rare thing to come by. Formulated as 1 universal shade to suit all skin tones, this primer is described as “weightless” in texture and its ability to glide onto the skin and prolong  eyeshadow wear, intensify color while preventing creasing. I’m not 100% sure about how clean this brand is but I’ve been doing  some sleuthing. Most of the ingredients in this primer score either a 1 or 0 in EWG’s Skin Deep Database.

The Stay Put Eye Primer does contain dimethicone so beware if you do try to avoid that ingredient. Other than that, I don’t see too many nasties in this Eye Primer and it might be interesting to try.  According to the website, Youngblood’s formulas are always free of talc (or any other fillers), parabens, oil and fragrance and common irritants such as chemicals, dyes and preservatives.  This is an exclusive brand at Henri Bendel, so I may pop in sometime to try it out in-person. $18, Youngblood Minerals

Which of these new releases are you most excited for? What are some other new products you’re lusting over?


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  1. So many great releases recently! I’m most curious about the RMS swirly brush and 100% Pure mask 🙂

    • Kasey June 8, 2015

      Yes! Those are both on the top of my list too 😉

  2. wow so many nice release! Deo wipes are an genius idea for travel 🙂 <3

    • Kasey June 8, 2015

      They would most definitely be convenient for traveling!

  3. Jade June 7, 2015

    😛 Shortly after reading your post I bought the rms foundation brush and 100% Pure mask. They are both awesome! My sister and I could not stop laughing for the first 10 minutes of the mask–we looked hilarious.

    • Kasey June 8, 2015

      Oh let me know how you like the foundation brush! 🙂 Haha I bet those masks look super funny on, even on the website I still laugh at just the product page. Any silly mask pictures? 😛


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