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Until recently I wasn’t really much of a fragrance-obsessed girl and truthfully, I wasn’t all that into aromatherapy either. I’ve always had a sensitive nose with very particular scent preferences and cleaning up my skincare and beauty routine has only heightened my sensitivity to fragrances. But dipping my toes in the eco-luxe fragrance world has really opened the floodgates to my new scent-loving tendencies. And aromatherapy, that’s a whole other beast I’m easing into now too.

Enter Soul Sunday, a handcrafted brand made in the USA which melds the best of two worlds: beautiful, minimalist design and effective, natural essential oil-based formulas. I’ve been obsessing over this small-batch apothecary goods brand and their standout aromatherapy blends are my current addiction.

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Being the scent snob that I am, I found that starting out with aromatherapy blends was the easiest way for me to indulge in more “natural” scents without causing me to gag or wrinkle my nose. Soul Sunday’s Aromatherapy Rollers are by-far the loveliest, luxe aromatherapy oils I have ever used.

It was love at first sniff with each product I tried and I love how the oils melt into my skin and keep a natural yet strong scent throughout the day. I like to keep at least one aromatherapy roller in my purse everyday not only to relax me but as a more natural fragrance.

I purchased the Ricewash Facial Cleanser (review to come), Homestay Comfort Mist and 3 Aromatherapy Rollers: the Unicorn Oil, No Worries, and Homestay scents. Every Soul Sunday product name is so poetic and intriguing, making the brand even more irresistible to me! You can find these and more Soul Sunday products at Seed to Serum (and purchase samples there) or directly at Soul Sunday.

Soul Sunday Aromatherapy Rollers are palm-sized, roller-ball aromatherapy oils formulated with 100% natural and vegan essential oils, all created with a coconut oil base. Each oil promotes unique purposes but all inspire feelings of calm, energy, empowerment, and seriously delicious scents. The Aromatherapy Roller formulas simply contain only about 4 carefully selected essential oils (sometimes less) that provide extremely unique, powerful results.

Soul Sunday No WorriesNo Worries conjures scents of refreshing citrus while evoking feelings of joy and euphoria to relax and renew the spirit. Besides the scent being fresh and sweet-smelling, I definitely notice a difference in my attitude after applying this oil. I always feel less tense and anxious when I breathe in No Worries, the perfect relaxant for those tense moments in life. I also love these ingredients: bergamot and clary-sage essential oils are natural anti-depressants that help to uplift, energize and calm. Lemon essential oil acts as an antiseptic and is known to lower blood pressure while it provides a fresh, crisp scent. Melissa leaf essential oil is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral ingredient with a clean aroma that eliminates nervous energy. This stuff just makes me feel happy! Period. $18 for 1/3 oz.

Ingredients:  Coconut oil, bergamot (bergaptene free), melissa leaf, clary sage + lemon essential oils.

Soul Sunday 3Homestay is what I envision the Garden of Eden must have smelled like. Bright, earthy, sweet florals that evoke joy, this scent was created as part of a special aromatherapy collaboration with the knitwear label, giu giu. Homestay includes a few of my favorite essential oils and I was sure I’d love the scent so I also ordered the Homestay Comfort Mist. Safe to say, my scent feelers were right and I’m loving Homestay in both the Mist and Roller forms. The Homestay Aromatherapy Roller is a favorite everyday, floral scent that just boosts my mood and smells amazing.

I especially like spraying the Comfort Mist around my bedroom and on my pillow before I go to sleep. I enjoy how the Comfort Mist envelopes me in an immediate aura of tranquility and restfulness. This is the perfect scent to induce ultimate coziness. Just a few spritzes of the Comfort Mist generates peaceful and positive feelings. This is another magical scent from Soul Sunday that I recommend, whether you choose the Aromatherapy Roller (exclusive to Soul Sunday’s website) or Comfort Mist form. Aromatherapy Roller: $24 for 1/3 oz, Comfort Mist: $24 for 8 oz.
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Aromatherapy Roller Ingredients: coconut oil, california flora, ylang-ylang + jasmine.
Comfort Mist Ingredients: Distilled water, proprietary blend of essential oils lavender and ylang-ylang.

Soul Sunday Unicorn OilUnicorn Oil is a magical, intoxicating potion with an aroma that invokes calm and happiness through a cooling formula. Peppermint and lavender essential oils quickly calms headaches, soothes the body, and focuses the mind. I always feel very soothed and peaceful when I apply Unicorn Oil, almost as if I’m floating away on a cloud. I love the instant hit of minty freshness this aromatherapy oil has. It is a unique blend that really impacts you even just upon sniffing it. The healing and relaxing effects of this Aromatherapy Roller is as mysterious and magical as its name, you have to try it for yourself! Pure goodness in a bottle, I tell ya. $18 for 1/3 oz.

Ingredients:  Coconut oil, peppermint + lavender essential oils.

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Soul Sunday, you have won me over as a forever-fan. Simple, efficacious formulas, and gorgeous packaging: I’m dying to try everything from the entire collection! I do know the brand releases seasonal collections (like the giu giu collaboration) so I’m looking forward to see what else is cooking for future products at Soul Sunday.

Purchase these products at Seed to Serum or directly at Soul Sunday. You can also try the Mini Aromatherapy Roller set of four mini rollers available at Seed to Serum for $32.

What are you favorite aromatherapy products? Have you tried any products from Soul Sunday?


  1. Shea April 13, 2015

    Hi Kasey! I am Shea one of the owners and creators of Soul Sunday. I just want to thank you for your kind words. They left a large smile on my face and put a warm feeling in my heart. We are so pleased you think so highly of our brand and products. We have new items coming out in spring that we are excited to share 🙂


    • Kasey April 13, 2015

      Thanks Shea! You comment means a lot 🙂 I truly love using your products and can’t wait to try more!
      Would love to stay in touch and hear about any upcoming products or brand news. I’ll send you an email!

  2. callitvanity April 28, 2015

    These guys are frickin’ cute! So glad to have the introduction – I haven’t committed to a purely aromatherapy based line yet, so definitely interested in trying these out.

    Mayah x

    • Kasey April 30, 2015

      Yes yes! Not only are these super cute, the scents are out of this world and very effective! I’d definitely recommend 🙂


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