2 Months Later: August ANFGB GoodeBox Recap


One of the first large-scale green beauty events I ever attended last year was A Night for Green Beauty, which was the first of its kind and held in New York City. ANFGB brought together green beauty bloggers, enthusiasts, and experts for a fun night of shopping top green beauty brands, makeovers, mingling with like-minded folks, and trying sustainable snacks. This year, the 2nd annual A Night For Green Beauty was held in Los Angeles. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend so instead I poured my sorrows into the next best thing: buying a specially curated Goodebox featuring samples and full-size products from a handful of the amazing brands from ANFGB. This limited-edition box was advertised for August (the month that ANFGB happened), featured 6 items (with claims of at least 2 full-size products depending on the combination), and only cost $22 per box. Unfortunately, my box arrived 2 months later (in October). Darn you, USPS!

Alas, after 2 long months and many frustrating exchanges with Goodebox and shipping services, my goodies arrived just as I’d expected. My disappointment about the box arriving so late sunk even deeper as I realized the discount codes for each brand that were included in the box (some advertising about 20% off products) were already expired. I could’ve been an easy customer!

Nonetheless, for the special price of $22 (normally Goodebox subscriptions are $18/month for samples and usually small-size products), I think this box was definitely a steal. One product alone, the Beautycounter Lip Sheer is valued at $28 which pays for the box alone! Plus, I ended up getting 3 full size products and the rest were samples which is not bad. Want to see what I received?

Goodebox1Goodebox2             Goodeboxswatches2

Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Coffee: I had been dying to try this new eyeliner from Alima Pure and just seeing this full-size product in my box made me feel like it was definitely worth it. I usually use black eyeliner but this brown color is actually a nice way to subtly darken up the eyes and the formula applies very smoothly and well, defined. I do experience smudging and makeup transfer after a couple hours of wearing this, but I do love how pretty the eyeliner looks on my lids and how exact I can line my eyes with it. I also like the smooth, non-irritating formula but I don’t know if I’d buy this eyeliner on it’s own. The smudging turned me off and brown is not my favorite color for eyeliner.  Alima Pure just released their “Ink” black color for this product which I’m now curious about. Retail price: $18

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Pink: I was kind of bummed with this product because I already have it in a different color (in Guava) and I don’t really use lipgloss. However, this product is a really nice, moisturizing, lasting lipgloss and the Pink color is definitely pretty for any occasion. It’s a nice product if you haven’t tried it before; the formula is made of organic fruit extracts, is moisturizing, has a tiny bit of shimmer to it, and is very long-lasting. The lipgloss tastes fresh and fruity, and doesn’t leave your lips feeling sticky. Retail price: $15

Beautycounter Lip Sheer in Plum: This is the other product I was really looking forward to trying and one that is worth more than this whole Goodebox! I’ve had my eye on Beautycounter every since I saw their stunning, golden packaging and as a lover of tinted lip products, this Lip Sheer seemed to be right up my alley. I absolutely love the color I received! It was like Goodebox knew mauvey-plum lip colors are my favorite. Plum is the perfect deep maroon-berry color and looks great for Fall and Winter. I love how moisturizing and pigmented this product’s formula is while also lightweight, hydrating and leaves behind a dewy sheen. Plum is not as dark as it looks in the tube and is sheer but can be easily built up to a nice dark, mauve color. If you love ILIA Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioners like I do, then you might just fall head over heels for this product as well. Although, I think ILIA’s products leave a nicer, lasting stain. Beautycounter Lip Sheers are quite pricey so I’m not sure I would have bought this without having tested it first but now I think I might have to look out for some other colors I’ll love… Retail price: $28

Province Apothecary Exfoliator (sample): I’ve always had my eye on this Canadian skincare brand known for handmade products using wild-crafted ingredients. I loved how this product smelled! Lavender, violet flowers and leaves allow for a fresh, floral scent while oat flour and flax seed add a soothing, smooth exfoliating texture. This is a gentle exfoliator that feels hydrating, calming, and non-irritating. My skin really felt refreshed and cleansed after using this product. I would definitely be interested in purchasing a full size of this and I’m intrigued to try out more Province Apothecary products. Full-size retail price: $38

MUN No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum (sample): I’ve tried a sample of this product before and really loved it. The serum is lightweight but very moisturizing on the skin. I love how my skin is glowing and feels super smooth after applying this at night. There is an immediate difference in my skin’s overall texture and tone after using this Serum. I wish the full size product wasn’t so expensive, but you definitely get a truly amazing product for your money. Full-size retail price: $95

Kahina Giving Beauty Night Cream (sample): I’ve been wanting to try this popular Night Cream for a while and was excited to receive this sample. It is very rich and hydrating, I really loved the texture. I use creams more in the winter when my skin really gets a beating so this product would be perfect for my dry skin during that season. You could even add a couple drops of a serum to make this part of the perfect nighttime ritual. This is another expensive product but the high-quality natural and organic ingredients make it worth it. Full-size retail price: $105

Goodebox has these special, limited-edition boxes for purchase from time-to-time and they seem to be offering these more now. These boxes are seperate purchases for which you don’t need a Goodebox subscription to purchase. The August ANFGB boxes sold out quickly and the current special Goodebox was for October, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month which has 8 full-size luxury products. Check it out here. is now the November box with 6 really nice products for $20. Sounds like very limited quantities! (I’m sort of itching to order this box but know I shouldn’t). Check it out here.

I think maybe I’d purchase another limited edition Goodebox if the brands and products are intriguing to me but in general, I’m not a subscription box kind of girl. I personally have too many products already that I need to use up and getting more samples monthly is just sort of a waste to me. I was pretty frustrated with my first Goodebox experience though satisfied with the products 2 months later, I can only hope other people do not have strange shipping experiences.

Did you purchase the ANFGB Goodebox? Do you receive Goodebox regularly? Do you belong to any subscription box services? I’d love to hear your experiences!


  1. Nice post! Some lovely samples as well…x

    • Kasey November 7, 2014

      Thanks! I really enjoyed this box, though I’m trying not to get into the habit of purchasing lots of subscription boxes… 😉

  2. Isabella Moon November 6, 2014

    Sounds like a wonderful box even if it was two months late

    • Kasey November 7, 2014

      Haha it was! The box was worth the wait and I’m glad I received it. Thanks for reading Isabella 🙂

  3. Linda November 7, 2014

    I subscribe to Goodebox and love getting the boxes. The ANFGB box was actually kind of disappointing to me. They advertised 2 full sized items but I didn’t get any full sized items at all. I contacted the company but they just said each box is well worth the cost. While I agree the box was worth the subscription price, it was sad to see such great boxes on Instagram compared to my sad box. And to top it off I was allergic to 3 items in my box. I know the allergy issue couldn’t be avoided and it was just another sad coincidence.

    • Kasey November 8, 2014

      Hi Linda, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with the ANFBG experience :/ Maybe that is the risk of purchasing a limited edition subscrpition box, you never know what you’ll get especially if the stock runs out. Not knowing what you’ll get in a subscription box has always put me off especially if it’s not worth the price of the box. Sometimes you will get some nice products! Hopefully you have better experience with future boxes!

      • linda November 10, 2014

        I actually love Goodebox and I’m still a subscriber. I like the mystery of getting random items each month to try out. I guess the ANFGB box was so disappointing because they touted full-size items but I got nothing.

        Goodebox is a great company though…I had a shipping issue with another box and they fixed it ASAP. I’m definitely keeping Goodebox.


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